The Garden Atriums are one of the foremost energy efficient and eco-friendly residential communities in the country — incorporating a variety of energy saving measures into every house.

  • A passive solar system soaks up incoming sunlight from the atrium, stores it, and continuously distributes it throughout the entire house.

  • Solar cells (photovoltaic) on the exterior of each house generate electricity to meet virtually all of the house's energy needs year round.

  • The glass roof includes a special coating that helps keep the house cool in the warmer months, while extensive insulation in the walls and ceilings hold on to the heat in the winter. For much of the year, in fact, each house actually generates more power than it uses.

  • The Garden Atriums also include their own irrigation systems, using "rainwater harvesting" to supply virtually all of the water for the houses, their individual gardens, and the private park.


  • Garden skylight direct solar gain
  • Thermo-syphon loop
    (for passive solar direct-gain heating)
  • Under-floor rock-bed thermal (where needed)
  • "Super insulation"
  • Silent and draft free
  • Constant comfort via low temperature swings


  • Summer skylight tinting
  • Cool pipe vents
    (where water table allows)
  • Skylight vents for exhaust


  • Photovoltaic roof panels
    (with power grid and battery backup)

Hot Water

  • Passive solar rooftop water heater