Situated a mile from the Chesapeake Bay in the Hampton Roads area, near the NASA Research Center and Langley Air Force Base, the Garden Atriums of Poquoson is the ideal self-sustaining residential community. In 4,900 square feet of space, each home incorporates a wide variety of technological and aesthetic innovations in a lush, green environment and an atmosphere of complete safety and tranquility.

All residents share a park area that includes an organic garden space, a recreational grass area, a fruit orchard, a gazebo and an aquaculture pond. The Garden Atriums of Poquoson makes use of the most advanced architectural design technology to maximize the amount of available sunlight in a unique, garden-like setting. A large skylight at the center of every house covers a complete garden atrium in which virtually anything can be grown. The site has a single point of entry, for greater security. Every garden atrium also has a private outdoor patio for each bedroom, and one for the family.

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