The Garden Atriums make use of the most advanced architectural design technology to maximize the amount of available sunlight in a unique, garden-like setting. A large skylight at the center of every house covers a complete atrium garden in which virtually anything can be grown. All entrances to the house are secure. The front of each house is monitored by 24 hour video. Every home has a private patio and outdoor area for each bedroom.

Traditional House

  • Limited sunlight due to drapes and shades
  • No visual privacy from house next door
  • Costly window treatments
  • Window break-in security risks
  • High heating & cooling costs


  • Wrap the house around the yard
  • Central climate-controlled garden under glass
  • Rooms have glass walls (or no wall) facing garden
  • Exterior windows only when view is necessary


  • Much more sunlight in each interior space
  • Clear personal/family/public privacy hiearchy
  • Passive solar heating and cooling
  • A garden in which to grow anything
  • More secure: controlled entries & video

The next page illustrates how you can further customize your own Garden Atrium to fit your individual needs.