The Garden Atriums provide residents with a lush, green environment — in an atmosphere of complete safety and tranquility. All residents share a private park that includes space for a personal organic garden and fountain, a fruit orchard, a gazebo and an aquaculture pond. Envisioned as the next generation of residential communities, the Garden Atriums include an unprecedented amount of green space and bring together an intimate sense of individual privacy and an active community life.

Traditional City Block

  • No front, side, or rear yard privacy
  • High maintenance, costly, water-consuming lawns
  • Car and pedestrian conflict
  • Noise from passing motors and people
  • Limited recreational amenities
  • No natural, built-in security


  • Eliminate unused front and side yards
  • Controlled entry gate with one-way single lane perimeter drive
  • "Connect" houses with high wood fences; each house has side yards on one side, with no windows from the next house
  • Houses and fences form a large, secure central private park
  • Shared recreation and food production (e.g., fruit, organic garden and aquaculture in private park)

The Garden Atrium

  • Personal, family, group and semi-public gardens
  • Greater recreational options
  • More useable green space
  • Safety; complete car/pedestrian separation
  • Less maintenance effort and cost
  • More home, child and individual security

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