Housing industry stopping energy efficiency

Change is difficult … for all of us. However, global climate warming and the threat is poses to our survival warrants our need to adjust our lifestyle, or there might not be one. Here’s an anti-change report from the housing industry, saying profit is still most important.  Comments afterwards.


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How the housing industry is working

to stop energy efficient homes

Home builders have used their political muscle to

prevent states and cities from adopting the latest code,

which would lower the climate impact of new houses.

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Time for Free Electricity

When I say we can have free electricity, I’m not joking. The technology is here and is both available to all and very affordable – if you have sunlight reaching your home.  Our Garden Atrium homes have photovoltaic panels that provide 100% of the electric power we need – for home and car. On days when we generate more power than we use, the excess goes into the grid. At night, we take power back from the grid, and at year’s end, our meter should read zero. … Keep reading

Dollars & Sense

When I ask why they’re not adding photovoltaic panels to their home, or changing to electric cars, the biggest reason I hear from people is …


“I can’t afford that kind of money.”


I don’t understand that, because I have a 5kW array of photovoltaic panels and an electric car, and have no utility bill – unless my spouse uses her pottery kiln three times in the month. Even then, our bill is around $30. So, for his week’s blog …

I thought I’d lay out a process for determining what the real cost is for going solar. … Keep reading

Electric Grids Need Updating

Here’s a relatively unknown issue.  Power grid failures, especially with global warming, may lead to massive forest fires, and destruction of both natural and man-made environments, and deaths.  What can you do, personally?  We’ll add suggestions.


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Hawaiian Electric Lawsuit Is More Evidence

That Electric Grids Across the U.S.

Need Updating




AUGUST 18, 2023


In the wake of the devastating Lahaina wildfire in Maui that left at least 111 people dead, Hawaiian Electric Company is facing a lawsuit claiming that the company “chose not to deenergize their power lines” before the natural disaster despite power lines being known to cause and exacerbate wildfires.… Keep reading

Solar Investments to Overtake Oil

Well, if “Money makes the world go ‘round” and if investments in clean energy surpass oil, then there’ll be more money for clean energy future developments and production.  That bodes positive change for our planet, for our lives, and perhaps for personal investing.  Comments afterwards.

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‘Clean energy is moving fast’:

Solar set to overtake oil in

investments for the

first time ever


Rosie Frost  •




Spending on clean energy technology has soared,

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