Electric Grids Need Updating

Here’s a relatively unknown issue.  Power grid failures, especially with global warming, may lead to massive forest fires, and destruction of both natural and man-made environments, and deaths.  What can you do, personally?  We’ll add suggestions.


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Hawaiian Electric Lawsuit Is More Evidence

That Electric Grids Across the U.S.

Need Updating




AUGUST 18, 2023


In the wake of the devastating Lahaina wildfire in Maui that left at least 111 people dead, Hawaiian Electric Company is facing a lawsuit claiming that the company “chose not to deenergize their power lines” before the natural disaster despite power lines being known to cause and exacerbate wildfires.… Keep reading

Solar Investments to Overtake Oil

Well, if “Money makes the world go ‘round” and if investments in clean energy surpass oil, then there’ll be more money for clean energy future developments and production.  That bodes positive change for our planet, for our lives, and perhaps for personal investing.  Comments afterwards.

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‘Clean energy is moving fast’:

Solar set to overtake oil in

investments for the

first time ever


Rosie Frost  •




Spending on clean energy technology has soared,

in part due to the global energy crisis.Keep reading

Car-Ready Homes

Net Zero – of electricity or water – essentially means 100% of that commodity plus storage.  Nature provides sunlight and rain when it wishes.  We need those commodities when we wish.  Residential water storage is relatively easy – from the old western rain-barrels to today’s cisterns.  Electricity storage is more difficult and batteries are expensive.

Recently, someone noted that our e-cars have huge batteries.  Why not use the battery in our e-car – for which we’ve already paid – to power our home at night? … Keep reading

235% Profit Jump for Big Oil

Here’s a report I find incredibly depressing.  Not just because someone or some industry made a lot of money, but because they’ll use that money to continue producing more fossil fuels – with the periodic oil spills from ships, or leaks in their pipe lines, or failures in their off-sea platforms – to thoughtlessly continue to provide energy that’s leading to the disaster of Earth.  And as the report states, they also use their money to control legislators, to keep the system going. … Keep reading

Water Becoming Unaffordable

Here’s a growing problem facing millions: Many are becoming unable to pay their water bills.  As the cost of finding, treating, and delivering potable water increases, so will your water bill.  But – it’s doing so at an alarming rate.  Without water, what’s life like in your home?  Comments afterwards.


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Revealed: millions of Americans can’t

afford water as bills rise 80% in a decade


Exclusive: analysis of US cities shows emergency on

affordability of running water amid Covid-19 pandemic


Nina Lakhani

The Guardian

23 Jun 2020


More than two-fifths of residents in some US cities live in neighbourhoods with unaffordable bills.… Keep reading