Water Wars Ahead

In tales of the Old West, if one rancher had water and another didn’t, if they couldn’t work out a trade, then a water war – often with shooting – broke out.  A few decades ago, Kansas sued Colorado because they believed that dams and other structures built in Colorado diminished the supply of water that flowed to Kansas.  A few million dollars in environmental studies and legal fees later, it turned out that Kansas actually had more water now.

I recall an incident in which a Colorado town ran out of water. … Keep reading

Buying & Scrapping Gas Cars

Here’s a breakthrough:  A government that’s finally taking positive action to reverse the effects of climate change by attacking its cause:  fossil fuel use.


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Help to buy EVs in ‘landmark’

New Zealand net zero climate plan


Lower and middle income families will benefit from ‘scrap and

replace’ scheme, while 20% cut in car, van and ute trips sought


The government says its plan will put New Zealand on track to make

zero-emissions vehicles 30% of its light vehicle fleet by 2035.… Keep reading

Climate Change Legislation

My sustainability blogs focus on things we can do, as individuals, to cause positive change toward sustainable living.  Because so much of our legislation is influenced by corporations, and because a successful business will naturally be reluctant to change from what made it successful, I believe real change related to climate change – how to live in 100% harmony with Earth – must come from individuals.  For example, as more and more people buy e-cars, then car manufacturers are forced to change. … Keep reading

Water Stress

There’s an old saying, “Water is destiny.” As so much of our planet is covered by water, Earth is often referred to as the “Water Planet.”


Water is of major importance to all living

things; in some organisms, up to 90% of

their body weight comes from water. Up

to 60% of the human adult body is water.


“According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological

Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed

of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water.”Keep reading

Electric Car Revolution

The trend towards driving electric cars is upwards, and has been for years. Now, it seems the marketplace is shifting from “start-up” status to “primary” status with more and more manufacturers creating e-car models.  Everyone I know who’s already bought one is truly happy they did so.  Without an engine, spark plugs, muffler, etc. the annual maintenance costs are far less.  Now, there’s a sales strategy that brings initial prices way down.

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The Electric Car Revolution Now Faces Its Biggest Test

Will people still buy them when the subsidies are gone?

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