Changing Lifestyles

The climate change issue has been with us for a few decades now.  The number of deniers has shrunk, as more and more people are now experiencing the problems that were previously only forecast.

Inasmuch as governments – whose leaders rely on corporate contributions to get elected – have failed to contribute much more than lip service via “summit conferences” to a problem that actually threatens our ability to sustain life – or at least a desired quality-of-life – on Earth, change will have to come from individuals.… Keep reading

California Air Conditioning

Here’s a departure from our usual blogs, a report that looks back almost three years at climate changing challenges to our lifestyle, and how we’ve dealt with those challenges.  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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California’s air conditioner-driven blackouts are only the start


James Temple

MIT Technology Review

1 September 2020


Rolling blackouts: As record-breaking heat waves baked Californians last month, the collective strain of millions of air conditioners forced the state’s grid operators to plunge hundreds of thousands of households into darkness.… Keep reading

Soils Underpin Life

Our food … is dependent on the quality of our soil. I recall a farmer with a degree in permaculture telling me that if the nutrient qualities we need are not in the soil, then no matter how well we grow our food, we won’t satisfy the nutritional needs our bodies require.  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Global soils underpin life

but future looks ‘bleak’,

warns UN report


It takes thousands of years for soils to form,

meaning protection is needed urgently, say scientists


Damian Carrington Environment editor



4 Dec 2020


Global soils are the source of all life on land but their future looks “bleak” without action to halt degradation, according to the authors of a UN report.… Keep reading

Ishmael – 3

Now, Ishmael’s dialogue now moves into food quantity, then into culture and why past civilizations on Earth have vanished … and what we need to do to keep ours from vanishing.

We’re now into the very heart of “sustainability.”


(P. 136) “All right. I was assuming you knew the ABC’s of ecology. In the natural community, whenever a population’s food supply increases, that population increases. As that that population increases, its food supply decreases, and as its food supply decreases, that population decreases.Keep reading

White Supremacy & Sustainable Living

Here’s an unusual report that, on the surface, might cause us to wonder what white supremacy has to do with “Sustainable Living.” Yet, it’s a very important question to ponder.  First the article, then some comments.

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FBI director says white supremacy is a ‘persistent, pervasive threat’ to the US


Marshall Cohen


April 4, 2019


Washington (CNN) FBI Director Christopher Wray said Thursday that white supremacy presents a “persistent” and “pervasive” threat to the United States, breaking from President Donald Trump, who has sidestepped questions of whether white nationalists present a growing problem.… Keep reading