EU Smashes 2020 Climate Targe

Many of us think that various announcements and targets to be met at some future date are not really major concerns.  That’s especially true when such announcements are invariably accompanied by deniers.  And, if I’m not personally feeling the negative impact of whatever the issue happens to be, then it’s only “some theoretical issue” and why should I change, today, from the satisfying lifestyle I’m enjoying?

For some reason, all of the European nations have taken more serious action, and are achieving positive outcomes. … Keep reading

Greenhouse gas levels hit all-time highs

Here’s a new research report that finds we’ve failed reduce the emissions that are creating conditions that are making our world increasingly unlivable.  The nations that have made pledges to reduce their emissions have essentially failed to follow their pledges.  Things are actually getting worse.

When I see “global issues” I often wonder what I, as a single individual, can do to make any sort of measurable difference. Then I think of the Margaret Mead quote …


“Never doubt that a small group of

thoughtful, committed citizens

can change the world; indeed, it’s

the only thing that ever has.”Keep reading

The American EV Boom

Here’s a positive report about growth in EVs and growth in recharging stations. Having driven an e-car for 100% of all my local trips, for almost ten years, I can tell you it’s far less expensive to operate and to maintain than gas-powered cars.  (We kept our paid-up gas-powered car for long road trips, and only use it about a day a month.)  Comments afterwards.


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The American EV boom

is about to begin.

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Sea Level Rise

This is probably not the first time you’ve heard that sea levels are rising.  And this report is three years old.  What is interesting are the words, “faster than predicted.”  A third of Pakistan is under water.  California has both wild fires and flooding.  And the Greenland glacier melted faster this past month than at any time in history – and that glacier alone will increase sea levels by 10 cm by the end of the century.  From a more recent report from The Guardian, that sea levels will rise …


” … even if the world met the Paris

agreement goal of holding tempera-

ture rises to no more than 2C, and

would eventually raise sea levels by

2.5 metres at that level of heating.”Keep reading

US Cities Becoming Unlivable

One of my wife’s best friends lives in Phoenix.  I wondered why.  Certainly, the winters are calmer, compared to the northern states.  But temperatures of 104 and 106 make outdoors activities untenable, even with their drier climate.  Many people with some money figure they can simply buy their way out of problems.  Many also think these climate problems are just a short-term anomaly.  My question:


How close to the edge of the cliff do you have to come

before you decide to change to a sustainable lifestyle?Keep reading