Chemical Pollution

Well, here’s a global problem that may feel as though there’s nothing that we, as individuals, can do about it.  Yet, we are the ones who buy and use and dispose of these chemicals, so we do have some responsibility for causing the problem.  In years (or centuries) gone by, a civilization might flourish, create an unsustainable mess along the way, then vanish. Some other area of the world would host humanity, while the previous area healed.

No longer.  Today, we occupy the entire planet. … Keep reading

Climate Solutions

Well, I believe we’re beyond the point at which climate change deniers still believe that climate change is not happening.  The problem, then, is what we’re going to do about it.  We’ve never, in history, had a major problem that affected the future of all of mankind and of planet Earth.  Afterwards, I’ll add comments for helping us adapt.


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Climate Solutions


Six steps the world can take to halt climate change


The U.N.’s… Keep reading

Climate Change Reshaping the World

Virtually all reporting in newspapers, radio, TV, etc. focuses on specific events.  It’s often helpful to see “the big picture” … the overall trend within which the events are occurring.  That helps each of us plan and adjust to achieve the most positive future outcomes we can.  I gather that the editors of the Washington Post decided to create a big picture statement, based on the myriad of reported events they see.  I’ll add comments afterwards.


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How climate change is reshaping the world


By Washington Post Staff

April 20, 2022


At The Washington Post, we’re dedicated to covering the impacts of climate change and a warming world — both in the United States and around the world.… Keep reading

Climate Breakdown

In my weekly sustainable reports, I’ve focused solely on research reports that are directly relevant to sustainability and on topics upon which individual readers can take action.  This new IPCC report is solid, in terms of the reliability of its research-based information and conclusions.  However, it is both bleak and at a scale that most of us may feel is beyond what we, as individuals, can affect.  I’ll add suggestions about things we each can do.

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IPCC issues

‘bleakest warning  yet’ on

impacts of climate breakdown


Report says human actions are causing dangerous disruption,

and window to secure a liveable future is closing


Analysis: This report asks: what is at stake?Keep reading


As we see more and more outcomes of what were only formerly predictions, more and more people are fearing what lies ahead, I found Collapse, a research-based book describing how past civilizations on Earth have flourished then collapsed and vanished.

The intent:

Elucidate a set of principles that caused those societies to collapse … so that we might learn how we might avoid a similar outcome.

The book is thick, with researcher-like long compound sentences and half-page paragraphs.  But the data is solid, not “doom-and-gloom.” … Keep reading