‘Tree of Life’ going extinct

Here’s a report that’s both alarming and so “global” that I wonder what I, as an individual, could do about it. So … here’s a fact-based report. Then, I’ll add (with D’s guidance) some specific things each of us can readily do.


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Scientists warn entire branches of

the ‘Tree of Life’ are going extinct




September 18, 2023


Humans are driving the loss of entire branches of the “Tree of Life,” according to a new study published on Monday which warns of the threat of a sixth mass extinction.… Keep reading

Renting an EV

Well, the transition from gas-powered cars to EVs is under way.  Being as the burning of fossil fuels is the biggest source of global warming, the transition can’t happen fast enough. On my www.gardenatriums.com web site, under “Videos,” the right-hand column has our ten 60-seconds “Tips” videos. Tips video #9 focuses on e-cars.  And one of the suggestions was for viewers to actually try one, by borrowing one from a friend or renting one.  That way, instead of just hearing about them, for very little risk, you could actually experience one. … Keep reading

A New Crisis of Confidence

Here’s a departure from my usual blog, a take-off from President Carter’s “A Crisis of Confidence” 1978 speech that seems both relevant and inspiring 45 years after he delivered it originally.  His concern was on the current energy crisis; mine is on Sustainable Living. But the path to solving the problem has striking parallels, from which we may learn.

The following sentences are comprised of words and phrases, in italics, I selected from President Carter’s original speech. Between his phrases I inserted my comments.… Keep reading

Renewables Pass Coal

When I started driving, I just assumed all cars were powered by gas, and never thought twice about alternatives.  Similarly, most of our lives, getting our electric power off the grid – which distributed power from coal-fired or natural gas power plants – was “normal.”  We simply got electricity from the grid and paid our monthly utility bill.  Well …

There’s a “new norm” in town!

Power generation from renewables passed nuclear last year.  And they just passed coal.  And it’s not just to be good to Earth, or to not have major waste management problems … though that’s a major benefit for all of us. … Keep reading

New money: go green!

Here’s an article, just posted on New Years weekend, about new federal programs that make all sorts of sustainability applications much more affordable.  Together, these cost savings – and the huge range of potential applications – may pave the way to address climate change.  Comments afterwards.

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3 ways to tap billions in new money

to go green — starting next month

In 2023, you can electrify your home — and your car —

with the help of the U.S.Keep reading