New money: go green!

Here’s an article, just posted on New Years weekend, about new federal programs that make all sorts of sustainability applications much more affordable.  Together, these cost savings – and the huge range of potential applications – may pave the way to address climate change.  Comments afterwards.

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3 ways to tap billions in new money

to go green — starting next month

In 2023, you can electrify your home — and your car —

with the help of the U.S.Keep reading

Solar EVs

Why does a sedan or SUV have to have a useless roof or trunk when those surfaces might be used for something more productive?

I’ve always wondered why EV manufacturers didn’t simply attach PVs to the skin of their cars.  Well, it’s now happening.  Here’s a report about a new version of EVs that is now coming out.  The three manufacturers in this report are not mainstream companies, though they have been around for a while.  My guess is that as their sales take off, one of the large mainstream manufacturers will buy them out. … Keep reading

EU Smashes 2020 Climate Targe

Many of us think that various announcements and targets to be met at some future date are not really major concerns.  That’s especially true when such announcements are invariably accompanied by deniers.  And, if I’m not personally feeling the negative impact of whatever the issue happens to be, then it’s only “some theoretical issue” and why should I change, today, from the satisfying lifestyle I’m enjoying?

For some reason, all of the European nations have taken more serious action, and are achieving positive outcomes. … Keep reading

Greenhouse gas levels hit all-time highs

Here’s a new research report that finds we’ve failed reduce the emissions that are creating conditions that are making our world increasingly unlivable.  The nations that have made pledges to reduce their emissions have essentially failed to follow their pledges.  Things are actually getting worse.

When I see “global issues” I often wonder what I, as a single individual, can do to make any sort of measurable difference. Then I think of the Margaret Mead quote …


“Never doubt that a small group of

thoughtful, committed citizens

can change the world; indeed, it’s

the only thing that ever has.”Keep reading

The American EV Boom

Here’s a positive report about growth in EVs and growth in recharging stations. Having driven an e-car for 100% of all my local trips, for almost ten years, I can tell you it’s far less expensive to operate and to maintain than gas-powered cars.  (We kept our paid-up gas-powered car for long road trips, and only use it about a day a month.)  Comments afterwards.


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The American EV boom

is about to begin.

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