Home Insurance & Climate Change

Political and corporate leaders – and even mainstream media – all have biases that lead us to question the accuracy of their pronouncements. Insurance companies, however, deal in facts. Their rates – and even whom they will insure – are based on those facts, or they could go out of business.

When they cite climate change problems, it’s more believable. However, people buy homes that were fine in times past but are not equipped to deal with power outages or nearby fires.… Keep reading

New EV Battery

New EV batteries not only provide for longer mileage between recharges – which is already happening in many available EVs – but also can be recharged in about 15 minutes – about how long it takes for us to refill a gas tank. The trend is clear: the transition to EVs is happening and will be better for us and for Earth. Comments afterwards.


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New Battery Crushes Tesla’s Tech:


Unveils A Solid-State Marvel With 300% Higher

Energy Density, 15-Minute Ultra-Fast Charge


Jeannine Mancini

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Big Oil Is Expanding Production

As the world realizes the danger posed by climate change, some are still committed to “business as usual.” That says that a small minority (e.g. oil producers) can overcome a vast majority (small oil users). While many corrective actions are known, perhaps at some point we’ll commit to a path that civilizations before us have not been able to achieve. Comments afterwards.


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Big Oil Is Expanding Production.

It’s Up to All of Us to Act to Stop Them.

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Climate-friendly Banking


Here’s a different take on things we can do – without much effort – to strengthen our desire for a healthier planet. Comments afterwards.

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Inside my quest for a climate-friendly bank


When I learned that my bank might be investing my

money in fossil fuels, I went looking for an alternative.


Pearl Marvell

Yale Climate Connection

13 Feb 2024


I grew up knowing that when you had extra money, you put it under a bed, stashed it in a book or a clock, or, if there was enough of it, it went into a savings account at a bank.… Keep reading

Breaching 1.5C Warming Limit

Here’s a major global issue that directly affects our ability to maintain life on Earth. Now, what can each of us do, as individuals? Comments afterwards.


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World’s first year-long

breach of key

1.5C warming limit


Mark Poynting

BBC News

8 Feb 2024


For the first time, global warming has exceeded 1.5C

across an entire year, according to the EU’s climate service.


World leaders promised in 2015 to try to limit the long-term temperature rise to 1.5C, which is seen as crucial to help avoid the most damaging impacts.… Keep reading