Green New Deal

“The American President” was a film done almost 30 years ago, in which climate change and gun control were the main issues to be addressed.  Clearly, in “real life” our government has not successfully addressed either.  Too many industries make too much money in both, so their campaign support will be for politicians who help them maintain their profitability.

However, climate change problems are being felt more directly, and a large number of students have initiated what I might interpret as “consumer pressure” to address the climate change problem. … Keep reading

The Lorax Meets Waconda

Here’s a slight departure from our usual bogs.  I am including a previously posted article that documents how weather disasters have increased their severity and frequency – from every three months to every three weeks. I thought I’d wrap my own story around that report, and link it to what we might personally do to change this rapidly worsening picture. The blog is a bit longer than others, but I think you’ll enjoy it.


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The Lorax Meets Waconda


And with his parting statement …


          “UNLESS someone like you

            cares a whole awful lot,

            nothing is going to get better,

            It’s not.”Keep reading

Climate change & financial disaster

The climate change we’re now experiencing was forecast.  Some believed the research and forecast reports, while others denied them … and some still do.  One group that ignores the rhetoric and focuses on realities to maintain their businesses is the insurance industry.  Here’s some reliable information coming from that industry.  I’ll add suggestions afterwards.


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Climate change raising risks

of financial disaster for

homeowners, insurers and bankers





The rising weather-related risks from climate change, from coastal hurricanes to western wildfires, are increasingly pinching insurance companies, which are raising rates and pulling back from parts of the country in an effort to stay in business.… Keep reading

“Clean and Healthful Environment”

My blogs are aimed at providing readers with specific things they can do to both improve the health of Earth and improve their quality-of-life experience.  I’ve stayed away from political debates, as I don’t see politicians simply able to solve the global climate problems we’re all experiencing.  However, here’s a report about a legal action that a small group of young people in Montana did that will likely have a positive outcome for Earth and the residents of Montana.  I’ll add comments afterwards.… Keep reading

Fast-Charging EVs

People in business, with products to sell and profits to make, don’t give up readily.  In the last 200 years of history, ground transportation has gone from horses to coal-fired trains to gas-powered cars, and now to e-cars.  Each transition helped us travel further, for less cost, and actually with less pollution.  But … we’re all creatures of habit.

The leaders of the existing gas car mode won’t give up easily, so they search for reasons for people to not switch.… Keep reading