Insurers’ Biggest Worry

One of the major problems facing us today is:  With so many media spouting so much conflicting information, it’s difficult to know what to believe.  Is the pandemic real or trumped up?  Is climate change real or trumped up?  Are 3rd world food crises real?  Is climate change really being caused by humans?  Are fossil fuels really all that harmful?

Well, insurance companies adjust their rates according to hard, reliable data.  When they refuse to insure ocean-front homes, they have solid data behind their reason to walk away from collecting their premiums. … Keep reading

Pledges vs Actions

You might notice that when political or business leaders make pledges that would have positive consequences for our world, they select far-off dates – 2030, 2050, 2060.  The cynic in me assumes they say these positive pledges to boost their image, knowing that people forget what they’ve said within a few hours … as the daily demands of life capture their attention.

And by the time those pledges are seen as bogus, those leaders are long gone, and not held accountable. … Keep reading

EV Benefits Entire City

We’ve posted blogs about EVs before, but here’s an interesting report about how a higher number of EVs are improving life in an entire city.  If you haven’t been to China – and recalling the response by athletes to the Olympic games there – air quality is a huge long-term problem.  Here’s a city that now is second only to Oslo, Norway in its percentage of EVs … and is enjoying a measurably higher quality-of-life experience, and lower driving costs, as well. … Keep reading

Plastic Slashing

You’ve likely seen pictures showing mountains of waste and beaches covered with it – mostly plastic waste.  The problem is so immense, I feel helpless to try to solve it.  However, I remember going to amusement parks as a teenager and finding them less fun because they were “dumps.”

Disney was aware of what happens when a place gets that way, and so they have employees constantly walking around and picking up even the smallest pieces of litter.

In the biography, “The Big Mac,” a story of how Ray Krok built the MacDonald’s empire, he noticed that the burger joint run by the MacDonald brothers in San Bernardino, CA, was doing a far better business than similar burger joints along the same road. … Keep reading

H20 = Happiness

Here’s a report, based on an extensive poll that links the amount of water we drink with our feelings of happiness. As “Sustainable Living” includes our quality-of-life experience, the amount of water we drink each day becomes an essential ingredient in sustainability.

In terms of our ability to survive, the long-established phrase is: “Water is destiny.” In history, civilizations have grown and flourished, or shrunk and died out based on their availability of water.  Water shortages have led to famine and wars. … Keep reading