Sustainability & Meditation

As “Sustainable Living” means living 100% with what Earth provides and enjoying a better quality-of-life experience, then some process that improves our health, our longevity, our mood, and our ability to tackle daily demands may certainly be seen as relevant to sustainability.  Comments afterwards.


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How long you need to meditate

to see results for your body and brain



Fortune Well

February 11, 2023


You’ve probably heard someone talk about the benefits of meditation.… Keep reading

Sustainable Living & Kindness

Defining “Sustainable Living” as living 100% with what Earth provides – which isn’t actually all that difficult to do – and enjoying as great a quality-of-life as we can, then acts of kindness fit in.

The interesting aspect of this study was the spin-off gains of mental health, physical health, and longevity experienced by people doing acts of kindness. I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Yet Another Study Shows The

Radical Health Benefits Of Kindness


It also increases social connectedness, which improves

mental and physical health and increases longevity.Keep reading

Sustainable Living & Dementia

As “Sustainable Living” includes both living 100% in harmony with Earth and enjoying as good a quality-of-life experience as possible, mental health – including the absence of dementia – becomes relevant. Here’s some new research concerning ways to slow dementia.  I’ll add comments afterwards.


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New study finds 6 ways to slow memory

decline and lower dementia risk


Annabelle Timsit

The Washington Post

January 26, 2023


A new study of more than 29,000 older adults has identified six habits — from eating a variety of foods to regularly reading or playing cards — that are linked with a lower risk of dementia and a slower rate of memory decline.… Keep reading

Visiting Green Spaces

Being as “Sustainable Living” necessarily includes both physical and mental health, here’s some research findings that quantify some positive effects that simple visits to green spaces have on visitors.  Comments afterwards.

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Regular visits to green spaces linked to

lower use of certain prescriptions – study


Research in forest-rich Finland studied responses

of 16,000 residents of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa



The Jerusalem Post

JANUARY 17, 2023


Frequent visits to green spaces in cities – such as parks and community gardens, rather than the amount or views of them from home – may be linked to lower use of certain prescription meds, suggests research conducted in Finland.… Keep reading

Chance of Societal Collapse

This may not be a great way to end a year, and this report is two years old.  But it raises an alarm that more of us need to seriously consider.  Personally, having been to all seven continents, it’s difficult for me to imagine how we might actually trash an entire planet.  But when research physicists invest considerable brainpower and effort in their research, I think I should at least consider it, and to think of what I can personally do. … Keep reading