Here’s a departure from my usual research-based reports.  Although the Garden Atriums are net zero, with Verizon as my only utility bill, the #1 reason – by far – that our residents bought their Garden Atrium home was the aesthetics of the home and the site. I realized that “Sustainable Living” has to encompass both (1) living 100% with what Earth provides, which can be readily done, and (2) enjoying as high a quality-of-life-experience as we can provide.  In fact, I believe it’s the latter that’s been the lure – and may be essential – for enticing people to live in a net zero fashion.… Keep reading

“Oh, God!”

Have you ever seen the movie, “Oh, God!”?  It’s a 1977 film starring John Denver, as Jerry Landers, an assistant manager in a California supermarket, and George Burns, a comedian in his 90’s, as God. While it’s primarily a humorous film, it contains many comments that I personally found enlightening … and also very relevant to “Sustainable Living.”  So …

Here’s a one-time departure from my usual blogs, which feature research reports about some aspect of sustainability from trustworthy sources. I selected what I thought were noteworthy quotes from the movie.… Keep reading

Pleasure Is Good

The rule in media is: “If it bleeds, it leads.”  Headlines virtually always have startling titles and opening lines. The same holds true for movie and book titles.  The idea is to engage our danger-alarm system, to get attention.  Otherwise, the article won’t get read and the movies and books won’t sell.

How does that relate to “Sustainability”?

When I discovered that people who bought our net zero Garden Atrium homes did so because of the aesthetics of the home and site, I realized that “Sustainable Living” has to (1) live 100% in harmony with Earth – and being net zero is actually not all that difficult to achieve – and also (2) provide a better quality-of-life experience.… Keep reading

Nine Mass Shootings

You may be wondering why a headline like this is part of a blog dedicated to Sustainable Living.  Well, our quality-of-life experience – encompassing our experience of beauty, our enjoyment of natural resources, and just our everyday health – is clearly an essential part of Sustainable Living.

Criminal behavior has always been a part of human history.  “Criminality” is typically defined by the rules of society.  Criminal acts may be violent or not, but they’re always seen as antisocial behavior.  Some acts go against established laws, and are subject to judicial punishment, with fines or imprisonment. … Keep reading

Happiness & Sustainability

When we developed the Garden Atriums sustainable community, we invested a lot of time and money being certain that we were net zero with regard to utilities, and that we’d have a higher quality of potable water and indoor air.  Then we discovered that the #1 reason, by far, that people bought our homes was aesthetics.  While no one was against living in harmony with Earth, their bottom-line commitment (money) went to quality-of-life factors.

A few years ago, surveys were begun, globally, to measure how people rated their quality-of-life experience, or “happiness.” … Keep reading