Climate Change vs Brain Health

Here’s another concern about climate change: it’s having an impact on our brain health … enough to cause a medical journal to do an in-depth study and share the consequences. Comments and suggestions afterwards.


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Brain Health Compromised

by Climate Change


Shifting weather patterns may continue to

affect stroke, dementia, neurologic infections.


by Judy George,

Deputy Managing Editor

MedPage Today

May 28, 2024


Climate change will continue to affect brain health, researchers predicted.… Keep reading

Climate change aggravates brains

Here’s an interesting and unusual and little-discussed effect of climate change. We know there are more small wars and increased rates of shootings and, in many areas, gang violence. While more violence tends to brea out during hot summer conditions, I hadn’t thought that there might be some unifying causal condition. Comments afterwards.


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Climate change is likely to aggravate

brain conditions, study finds


Sanjay M Sisodiya et al.

The Lancet Neurology

University College London

May, 2024


Climate change, and its effects on weather patterns and adverse weather events, is likely to negatively affect the health of people with brain conditions, argues a UCL-led team of researchers.… Keep reading

Euro Cities fighting climate change

For some reason, cities all over Europe are taking concrete action to adapt to our changing climate. Solutions also seem to provide quality-of-life enhancements to those cities. It’s not just nature who wins. Comments afterwards.


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91% of Europe’s cities are looking

to nature-based solutions to

fight climate change


By Rosie Frost


29 April, 2024


Cities are home to a majority of Europe’s population and are

particularly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change.Keep reading

Trees Stalling Global Warming

Here’s a report about some positive change that’s happening. The process could be repeated in other regions, as a positive and inexpensive way to deter global warming, and its disastrous effects.  Comments afterwards.

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Very cool: trees stalling effects of

global heating in eastern US, study finds


Vast reforestation a major reason for ‘warming hole’ across

parts of US where temperatures have flatlined or cooled


Oliver Milman @olliemilman

The Guardian

17 Feb 2024


Trees provide innumerable benefits to the world, from food to shelter to oxygen, but researchers have now found their dramatic rebound in the eastern US has delivered a further, stunning feat – the curtailing of the soaring temperatures caused by the climate crisis.… Keep reading

Housing industry stopping energy efficiency

Change is difficult … for all of us. However, global climate warming and the threat is poses to our survival warrants our need to adjust our lifestyle, or there might not be one. Here’s an anti-change report from the housing industry, saying profit is still most important. Comments afterwards.

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How the housing industry is working
to stop energy efficient homes

Home builders have used their political muscle to
prevent states and cities from adopting the latest code,
which would lower the climate impact of new houses.… Keep reading