Highway to Climate Hell

After WWII, in our attempt to solve shared global problems, we created the United Nations.  The U.N. did support fighting and resolution of the fighting when North Korea invaded South Korea, which led to a demilitarized zone that stands today.  However, today’s U.N. seems unable to address Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or, even more globally, our nations’ collective ability to solve a climate crisis we’re already experiencing and that’s been proven can wipe out our ability to live on this planet. … Keep reading

Global Heating Reaching Tipping Point

Last week, two people who do landscaping work at Garden Atriums said that they were frightened by gas reaching $5 a gallon, and weren’t sure how they were going to be able to continue.  Both have gas cars, so I asked if they’d considered trading them in, for whatever price they could get now, and get an e-car.  One said she’d never go electric.  The other said she didn’t have the money.  My question:


“At what point will you have to make

the switch if you wish to keep driving?”Keep reading

Lifestyle & Climate Change

Here’s a research-based report linking our lifestyles with the climate change problem.  It specifies six changes that are each easily done, and that together would have a major impact on solving the problem.  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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 Six key lifestyle changes can

help avert the climate crisis,

study finds


Research shows that governments and individuals making

small changes can have a huge impact in reducing emissions


Matthew Taylor

The Guardian

Mon 7 Mar 2022


People in well-off countries can help avert climate breakdown by making six relatively straightforward lifestyle changes, according to research from three leading institutions.… Keep reading

Environment & Quality-of-Life

When I began developing the Garden Atrium net zero sustainable community, all of my considerations addressed physical attributes, such as heating, cooling, electricity, air quality, water availability and quality, ease of maintenance, etc.  But …

The #1 reason people bought a Garden Atrium home was aesthetics, not the promise of near non-existent utility bills or the feeling of being in harmony with Mother Nature.  Being as I’d invested a lot of fee dollars with several very good specialists, and a lot of time weaving the technologies together, that discovery was a rude awakening.… Keep reading

Changing Lifestyles

The climate change issue has been with us for a few decades now.  The number of deniers has shrunk, as more and more people are now experiencing the problems that were previously only forecast.

Inasmuch as governments – whose leaders rely on corporate contributions to get elected – have failed to contribute much more than lip service via “summit conferences” to a problem that actually threatens our ability to sustain life – or at least a desired quality-of-life – on Earth, change will have to come from individuals.… Keep reading