Carmakers Shifting

While commitments and pledges by political leaders prove to be dubious, decisions by people who put their livelihoods on the line tend to be more reliable.  Here’s a report about the shift by car manufacturers from gas to electric.  As a trend, it tells me that virtually all of us will be driving electric in very few years.

As I’ve been driving an e-car for 8 years, for all my local trips, I can tell you there’s no going back.  The car is more responsive, and costs far less to operate and maintain. … Keep reading

Electric Car Breakthrough

For some time, I’ve encouraged people to change to e-car driving.  In addition to eliminating fossil fuel emissions, it’s far less expensive to own, drive, and maintain.  Just as solar panels – as they grew in use, became the least expensive way to generate electricity – electric cars are fast doing the same.  I’ve driven one for 8 years, and the claims are true.  Here’s one more “nail in the coffin” for gas guzzling, polluting cars.  I’ll add a new idea afterwards.… Keep reading

The Human Side of Sustainability

In recent days, in addition to news articles of wild fires in huge portions of Earth, I’ve seen reports of current catastrophic states-of-being that even point to our ability to sustain life on Earth.  While I track all sorts of things related to sustainability, these new reports sent me into a funk.  But as Sustainable Living includes both living in harmony with Earth and having great quality-of-life experience, I selected this article for this week’s blog.  It’s much longer than usual, but delightful.… Keep reading

Ocean Plastic Litter

I used to think it would be difficult to produce so huge an amount of litter that it would actually screw up our vast oceans.  Clearly, when we see a river jammed with pollution, emitting a foul smell, and even on fire (as happened near Cleveland,) we eventually take action.  But the ocean is so vast, how can we possibly create that much pollution?

Well, we’re doing it.  And because plastics simply don’t break down very quickly, they become a hazard to marine life … which also happens to be a major source for our food. … Keep reading

California Air Conditioning

Here’s a departure from our usual blogs, a report that looks back almost three years at climate changing challenges to our lifestyle, and how we’ve dealt with those challenges.  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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California’s air conditioner-driven blackouts are only the start


James Temple

MIT Technology Review

1 September 2020


Rolling blackouts: As record-breaking heat waves baked Californians last month, the collective strain of millions of air conditioners forced the state’s grid operators to plunge hundreds of thousands of households into darkness.… Keep reading