More than Water Rationing

Here’s a very brief article that’s almost a year old, yet is as important and vital as one that may have been reported yesterday.  We do live in a global economy, and probably think more globally than at any time in our history, mostly due to the continuous stream of global news.  Yet, we each also live in a locality. And although an issue such as this one on water rationing may not seem applicable, as “it’s over there, and it’ll never happen here,” as the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. … Keep reading

‘Imperial Lawn’ Is Dead

Here’s a useful bit of research that affects many of us. It concerns the negative environmental effects caused by grass lawns, and ties the data directly to global warming and our climate change problems.  Comments afterwards.

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The Traditional ‘Imperial Lawn’ Is Dead

— Long Live the Trees


Cristen Hemingway Jaynes


January 13, 2023


Americans are well known for their evenly clipped, bright green lawns. But rather than being beneficial, these manicured greenspaces are actually detrimental to the environment.… Keep reading


Here’s a different orientation to sustainability:  Our disposition.  With all the 24/7 news featuring uprisings, wars, mass shootings, etc. – all likely to increase our anxiety levels and hurt our daily quality-of-life experience, it seems very appropriate to an exploration centered on “Sustainable Living.”  Comments afterwards.


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Mindfulness exercises can be as effective

as anxiety drugs, study shows

Breathing and body exercises helped relieve anxiety as effectively

as medications over an eight-week study of 208 people


Amanda Morris

The Washington Post

January 23, 2023


Practicing mindfulness to relieve anxiety can be just as effective as medication, new research shows.… Keep reading

Highway to Climate Hell

After WWII, in our attempt to solve shared global problems, we created the United Nations.  The U.N. did support fighting and resolution of the fighting when North Korea invaded South Korea, which led to a demilitarized zone that stands today.  However, today’s U.N. seems unable to address Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or, even more globally, our nations’ collective ability to solve a climate crisis we’re already experiencing and that’s been proven can wipe out our ability to live on this planet. … Keep reading

Global Heating Reaching Tipping Point

Last week, two people who do landscaping work at Garden Atriums said that they were frightened by gas reaching $5 a gallon, and weren’t sure how they were going to be able to continue.  Both have gas cars, so I asked if they’d considered trading them in, for whatever price they could get now, and get an e-car.  One said she’d never go electric.  The other said she didn’t have the money.  My question:


“At what point will you have to make

the switch if you wish to keep driving?”Keep reading