Coming Climate Change Impacts

We’ve all been inundated with climate information, with a variety of pro’s and con’s.  We know, for a fact, that unprecedented amounts of wildfires are raging in many places of the world – even in Siberia!  I’m in southeastern Virginia, and we’ve had no wildfires here.  But for me to pretend that it could never happen here is foolish!

I hate putting out information that may have a “doom & gloom” quality, as opposed to information about what we can each do to enjoy a better quality-of-life experience and contribute to a healthier planet. … Keep reading

Death by Covid

My blogs have focused on aspects of sustainable living, and have been more trend-related than tied to finite one-of-a-kind events.  This report, while focused on vaccinations and Covid deaths, provides a relevant example of how we might make life-style change decisions towards living more sustainably.

We all seek comfort.  In our room temperature, in the foods we eat, in the work we do, etc.  We know that how we’re living – as a global collective whole – is destroying life on Earth … initially for many species and eventually for us. … Keep reading

Tiny Forests

My goal for doing these blogs is to raise awareness related to sustainability and “Sustainable Living.”  In addition, I like to include suggestions for actions that individuals can take to make a positive difference … rather than waiting for governments to act.  Here’s a new phenomenon that’s now springing up in several cities and countries, and that all of us can use.

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Can Tiny Forests Breathe

Fresh Air Into Our Cities?


Selma Franssen


May.… Keep reading

CO2 Danger Levels

In these blogs I’ve tried to provide data that readers could implement, personally. Dealing with CO2 levels is a global issue – and one that may actually imperil life on our planet.  However, at a personal level, too high an amount of CO2 may lead to difficulty in breathing, and getting insufficient oxygen into our lungs.  Here’s the research data, then some suggestions about what you can do, personally, to improve your situation.

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Carbon Dioxide Emissions Near Level

Not Seen in 15 Million Years,

New Study Warns

Jessica Corbett

Common Dreams


Jul.… Keep reading

Beating Cancer with Green Tea

As “Sustainable Living” necessarily includes healthful living, in addition to providing homes with net zero systems for electricity and water, and ensuring better indoor air quality, here’s some news about an ancient, proven way to stave off cancer. I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Green Tea Compound Could Hold the Key to Beating Cancer, says Compelling New Study of “EGCG”


Good News Network

21 Feb 2021


Green tea has been consumed in China for 4,000 years — and one of its compounds may hold the key to staving off cancer, according to compelling new research.… Keep reading