Processed Foods

Here’s some definitive research about negative impacts of “processed foods.”  It’s aimed at helping ensure healthier kids, but I think the principles readily apply to what all of us eat.  Typically, when deciding on what to eat for my next meal, I think about my mood and about what flavors are hitting me “right” at the moment.  Perhaps I can first limit my “mental menu” to what’s healthy.  Comments afterwards.


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Kids eating more processed foods are

less physically fit, have poorer heart health


Jocelyn Solis-Moreira

Study Finds

June 20, 2022


FAIRFIELD, Conn.Keep reading

Diet-related Deaths

As health is essential to sustainability, we can all do things to eat enjoyably and increase potential longevity through our selection of the food we eat.  Globally, red meat and processed food consumption has been rising.  It needs to decline to give us more of the healthy and energetic lifestyle we’d like every day.  Here’s a recent research report.  Comments afterwards.

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Red meat and processed food linked

to sharp rise in diet-related deaths


Dr. Min Gon Chung

Study Finds

November 19, 2021


EAST LANSING, Mich.Keep reading

Gas Stove Pollution

As one of the criteria for “Sustainable Living” is living with better health, here’s new research about health problems caused by an appliance that’s in a huge number of U.S. homes, the gas stove. As it’s off most of the time I never thought about health consequences. Not so.  Comments afterwards.


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One in eight cases of asthma in US kids

caused by gas stove pollution – study


Emission of toxic chemicals and carcinogens from gas

stoves creating indoor pollution worse than car traffic


Oliver Milman @olliemilman

The Guardian

Fri 6 Jan 2023


Around one in eight cases of asthma in children in the US is due to the pollution given off by cooking on gas stoves, new research has found, amid moves by Joe Biden’s administration to consider the regulation, or even banning, of gas cookers sales to Americans.… Keep reading

Water & Food Insecurity

Growing up, I never thought twice about water availability or quality.  Now, that’s no longer a guarantee.  As this research report describes, both availability and healthfulness are no longer a given   Suggestions afterwards.


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Why America’s food-security crisis

is a water-security crisis, too


Lela Nargi,


November 20, 2022


Palakshappa became a pediatrician to give poor kids access to good medical care. Still, back in his residency days, the now-associate professor at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem was shocked to discover that a patient caring for two young grandchildren was food insecure. … Keep reading

Street Trees & Mortality

While most people generally acknowledge the benefits of trees, here’s a three-decade research report about some amazing and documented benefits that trees in an urban setting have had on residents.  Comments afterwards.


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People in Portland Planted Trees.

Decades Later, a Stunning Pattern Emerged




25 November 2022


Money may not grow from trees, but something even better does.

In a new study led by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service, researchers found that each tree planted in a community was associated with significant reductions in non-accidental and cardiovascular mortality among humans living nearby.… Keep reading