Plastic containers with PFAS


Here’s a practical guideline for storing food in a way that inhibits disease-causing contamination. Given the extensive use of such plastic containers, it’s something that affects all of us.  Comments afterwards.


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US appeals court kills ban on plastic

containers contaminated with PFAs


Conservative fifth circuit overturns EPA’s ban prohibiting Inhance

from using manufacturing process creating toxic compound


Tom Perkins

The Guardian

30 Mar 2024


A federal appeals court in the US has killed a ban on plastic containers contaminated with highly toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” found to leach at alarming levels into food, cosmetics, household cleaners, pesticides and other products across the economy.… Keep reading

Power to the Buses

Changing to a more sustainable lifestyle can happen “top-down” by edict from above – such as a corporate CEO – or “bottom up” via consumer pressure. The head of the postal service got money for new delivery trucks by promising they’d be electric – but – after he got his budget allocation, he bought gas-powered vehicles. Here’s a second attempt at a top-down move to increase our sustainability.

As postal trucks and school buses have short ranges, recharge speed isn’t an issue.… Keep reading

U.S. Using Pesticides Outlawed Elsewhere

Here’s a report that affects the food we’re buying. Normally, we assume that if it’s in a major supermarket, it safe and healthy. Now I find that assumption is not necessarily so. Comments and suggestions afterwards.

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New Study: United States Uses

85 Pesticides Outlawed in Other Countries


Harmful Poisons Shunned Elsewhere

Account for Quarter of All U.S. Pesticide Use


Center for Biological Diversity

6 June 2019


The United States allows the use of 85 pesticides that have been banned or are being phased out in the European Union, China or Brazil, according to a peer-reviewed study published today by the academic journal Environmental Health.Keep reading

Gas cookers linked to childhood asthma

Here’s a low-cost practical way to improve health in homes or apartments that use natural gas cooktops, a mainstay of American households. Suggestions afterwards.

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Gas cookers pump out toxic particles

linked to childhood asthma, report finds


Scientists find average levels of nitrogen dioxide almost twice

as high in homes cooking with gas as in those cooking without.


Ajit Niranjan

The Guardian

8 Nov 2023


Gas cookers are pumping toxic particles linked to childhood asthma into kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms across Europe, a report has found.… Keep reading

Clean Water Funding Cut

Many moons ago, we didn’t think twice about the health of our water.  We just turned on the tap at our sink.  But that was many moons ago. Now, we spend a lot on bottled water – then later read how some brands aren’t as pure and healthy as advertised.  In the 1970s, the federal government had programs that helped municipalities create healthful water systems – in terms of taking water from some source and returning used-but-treated water to that source.… Keep reading