Air Pollution

When it comes to what we can do to enjoy a healthier life, improving the quality of the air we breathe is near the top of the list.  Improving air quality is also something we can address personally, and inexpensively.  Comments afterwards.

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Eliminating Air Pollution Could Save More

Than 53,000 Lives Per Year, Study Says


Chris Walker,


May 26, 2022


A new study has concluded that tens of thousands of premature deaths in the U.S.… Keep reading

Sustainable Living & Sleep

Well, whenever we’re stuck trying to solve some problem, we often think of the expression, “Get a good night’s sleep; we’ll figure it out in the morning.”  Here’s some research indicating the negative effects that light in the room in which we’re sleeping has on our actual health.  I’ll add comments afterward.

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Sleep lab study finds sleeping with

a light on harms heart health


Rich Haridy

New Atlas

March 14, 2022


Just one night of sleep in a moderately lit room was found to increase heart rate and insulin resistance.… Keep reading

Unsafe BPA Exposure

Here’s a study shedding light on a hazardous chemical associated with food packaging, with suggestions about how to avoid the danger.

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Americans exposed to toxic

BPA at levels far above what

EU considers safe – study


Petition urges FDA to strongly limit use of BPA,

which is linked to cancer and other health problems


Tom Perkins

The Guardian

6 Feb 2022


A comprehensive review of recent studies into a chemical often used in plastics and resins has revealed that the average American is exposed to levels of the dangerous compound that are 5,000 times higher than what the European Union now considers safe.… Keep reading

Gas Stoves Hurt Indoor Air

Here’s a bit of research about which we can do something.  Evidently, the popular “You’re cooking with gas” promotional phrase carries with it some serious health problems, especially for younger people.  The report also includes suggestions for rectifying the problem.  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Gas Stoves Are Hurting Kids,

Public Health Experts Say

What parents need to know about

the push to get rid of gas stoves.


Ethan Freedman


Oct 12 2021


Cooking on a natural gas stove can be dangerous to both the environment and families’ health, according to a new report from NPR.… Keep reading

Microplastics in Food

Here’s some new research involving contaminants in the food and drinks we all consume regularly.  The questions we need to ask are “What foods and drinks are free – or freer – of Microplastics?  And, “At what point of consumption are we more likely to get serious diseases?”  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Microplastics contaminating

food and drinks may be fueling

a dramatic rise in bowel disease


Mark Waghorn

South West News Service

DECEMBER 30, 2021


NANJING, China — Microplastics may be the reason some people are more likely to develop inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a new study warns.… Keep reading