The ultimate goal of “Sustainability” is far more than saving money on utility bills.  We’re at the beginning of an enormous transformation that’s aimed at providing us all with a higher “quality of life” experience.  At a time when global economies are wavering and uncertain, and when many governments are teetering, and when the media are filled with fear-based headlines, it’s time to go the other way.

Finland has ranked at or near the top of many global surveys in recent years, including literacy, sustainability, health care, education, and “quality of life” feelings of its citizenry.… Keep reading

9/11 & Sustainability

The title seems like a strange and contradictory concept.  Ever since 9/11, I’ve seen “conspiracy theory” articles about that event.  Some come from anger and fear.  Others, such as a recent article, “The 11th Anniversary of 9/11” by Paul Craig Roberts, seem more like data studies.

How does 9/11 relate to sustainability?

In fact, an entire governance transformation is happening …


Looking globally, you’ll see more nation-state governments having more difficulty than at any time we can remember.  Global economy is weak, because when a few countries have major downturns, our economies are so inter-connected that all countries suffer. … Keep reading

Leadership Changes

“Sustainability” involves more than renewable energy.  Heating, cooling, electricity, water, air and food availability and quality are essential.  But on the non-physical side of coming changes, leadership styles need changing.

Here are comments from John Petersen’s trends newsletter, “FuturEdition.”  Then, descriptions of leadership styles more appropriate to changes happening on our planet.


“People Change

“In this space in the past we have spent a great deal of effort highlighting some of the great change that is punctuating the planet. I’ve tried to paint a picture of the energy, earth, galactic, solar, climate and financial trends that are converging to reconfigure how we all will experience life .… Keep reading


In examining the physical aspects of sustainability in recent years, food is the absolute biggest factor.  When people ask about the Middle East upheavals, I point to Russia losing 60% of their grain harvest in 2010, and ceasing exports.  I usually get a blank stare …

“What’s Russia’s grain harvest got to do with all this?”

Well the biggest buyers of Russia’s grain have been Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and others in that region … all semi-arid countries.  And what would motivate people to go out on the street in protest – risking death?… Keep reading


Representation by others may no longer be necessary.  We have technology and systems for representing ourselves.  It’s certainly more efficient than our current system.  And because we like our own ideas, our satisfaction with decisions and our “quality of life” feelings will be higher … the aim of “sustainable living.”

Here are two systems for efficiently gaining consensus from a large group.

  1. Synthesizing Triads:

 Many books describe “social dynamics.”  Many describe methods for “facilitating” groups by listening better, or “being more sensitive to others.” … Keep reading