Charlie Chaplin & Sustainability

I recently happened to see “The Great Dictator,” a brilliant film Charlie Chaplin created in 1940. His ending speech really sat me back, and seemed as relevant now as it was then.  So … here’s a variation of my usual blog.  I’ll post excerpts from his speech, then two articles about current events that exemplify the excerpts.  If you wish to see the segment from the film …

Afterwards, I’ll add comments about how that might apply to each of us, in terms of greater sustainability.… Keep reading

New Zealand Passes Zero Carbon Bill

Leaders provide a model that others can copy and improve upon. Finally, one nation has formally passed a zero-carbon bill that will, by law, move its population into a sustainable lifestyle.  Here’s an article reporting about that law and some of its spin-offs. If you’ve visited New Zealand, you know that it’s beautiful, and that their people value the beauty and richness of their environment.  They live with Earth, yet sacrifice nothing in terms of their lifestyle.

Then … I’ll add suggestions about what we can do if our country has no such “official legislation.”… Keep reading

Beyond Wind Power

Here’s an excellent example of a community not only turning to sustainable power, but also enhancing life quality their region in the process.

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Scottish wind powers housebuilding

in groundbreaking joint venture


Housing association invests in electricity-generating

turbines that will fund affordable homes in rural Scotland


Peter Hetherington

19 April 2017


Amid the rolling hills and woodland pastures of south-east Scotland, a wind of change is blowing through communities where low wages and casual work sit uneasily alongside the popular image of timeless market towns and pretty coastal villages.… Keep reading

Community Governance

In recent times, several instances have emerged leaning essentially towards secession from our current U.S. system.  Some describe seceding regions, such as New England or the Pacific Northwest or much of the South.  Here’s one effort that’s become formalized.

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Colorado Community Rights Network

Files Constitutional Amendment

To Secure the Right to

Community Self-Government

Free from State Preemption

Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Contact: Ben Price, Projects Director

Denver, Colorado, January 20, 2014 – The Colorado Community Rights Network (COCRN) has submitted to the state for review and comment the language for a Community Rights Constitutional Amendment to be placed on the 2014 ballot.… Keep reading

Here Come the Women!

Looking again at the transition that’s happening and that underlies what “Sustainable Living” is all about, our (roughly) 12,500 year cycle is now ending … and a new cycle is beginning.

Looking way back, civilization was led by women … as in “The Queen of Sheba.”  Collaboration between human groups was high;  war was almost non-existent.

Then – about 12,500 years ago (though long-term transitions don’t occur in an instant – such as at 2:47 p.m., Wednesday, September 15th … or December 21st, 2012 – civilization shifted to male-dominated leadership. … Keep reading