Food System Collapse

We’ve had previous blogs reporting about food quality and food shortages.  Recent events cited logistics problems as the source of food shortages and even price increases.  Here’s a report comparing the state of the food system to the state of the financial system at the time of its 2008 collapse.  The financial system collapse was disastrous.  Many lost their homes, and everyone worked to survive a major recession – except leaders in the financial systems, who were given raises and bonuses. … Keep reading

No Mow May

Here’s a report about a simple approach for aiding pollinators, such as bees, that also saves you time and money.  I’ll add comments afterwards.


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At least 25 U.S. cities to follow Appleton

in No Mow May initiative for

bees and pollinators


By: Ben Bokun

Apr 22, 2022



APPLETON, Wis. (NBC 26) — For the third straight year, Joan Ribbons won’t mow her lawn for an entire month.  The Appleton resident said …


“I chose to participate because

I’m an environmentalist and [I’ve]

been aware of the plight of the

bees because I’m a beekeeper too.”Keep reading

Food Prices Jump

One of the most critical aspects of sustainability is food.  That’s especially true in the U.S., as we produce more than what we actually consume.  Except for brief events, when everyone scurries to the store to be sure they have food when a major storm is forecast, supermarket shelves are normally packed with all sorts of foods.  Other parts of the world are less fortunate, so their sensitivity to both food prices and even availability is more acute.

This report contains a lot of statistical data about food prices with only brief comments about cause. … Keep reading

Small Garden’s Bees

Food producers struggle to meet demand, as pollution has decimated the entities that pollinate our crops, especially bees.  This research offers positive news.  Small gardens – the kind we might have around our home, whether in urban or suburban areas – are proving to be great sources for supporting bee populations.  I used to be “gun-shy” about bees, as no one wants to get stung by them.  Then I learned that the kind of bees that pollinate our food plants tend to not pursue people unless provoked.… Keep reading

Fishing Catch Limits

As I recall, eating beef uses seven times more energy to produce the calories we need than the same caloric energy from hi-protein plants.  Fish require less energy than beef to provide the same calories, and they don’t consume land or the labor of other food sources.  However…

As expansive as the oceans are, we’re still able to drive fish to extinction. We even use satellites to track schools of fish.  Not too long ago, Orange Roughy was a popular white-meat fish featured in many restaurants; it was found near New Zealand. … Keep reading