Crop Failures

Here’s a research report linking climate change to crop failures. I recall a discussion I once had with a neighbor about some fish species, such as Orange Roughie, going extinct, and the potential loss of fish as a widespread food source. Her reply: “I was at the market yesterday and they had plenty of fish.” She could be right. But she’s only looking at current conditions. If the research is right and we begin having shortages, food production can not be accelerated by flipping a switch.  … Keep reading

Food & Higher Wellbeing

I recall an old book that stated flatly, “You are what you eat.”  Clearly, we can all agree that lack of food doesn’t help us enjoy a better quality of life.  But here’s some definitive research that connects what we eat to our feelings of well-being … our quality-of-life experience.  Comments afterwards.

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New Research Finds Links

Between Food, Higher Wellbeing




OCTOBER 18, 2023


Nearly nine in 10 people worldwide (87%) say they mostly enjoyed the food they recently ate, according to a new report investigating the relationship between people’s feelings about food and their wellbeing.… Keep reading

World Food Supply

Years ago, one of the consulting services we provided to our clients was market research, so they could adjust their firm’s direction.  (If six states surrounding highway design engineering firm were all planning to cut back in coming years, then, no matter talented the engineers were, getting new contracts would be difficult.)

When we completed our research, we had a clear picture of what was likely to happen in a given market in the next, for example, 8-10 years.  What we later discovered was that reality turned out exactly as we predicted – except – in 5-7 years! … Keep reading

Lakes are Drying Up

“Water is destiny” is coming to pass for more and more of the world. We need fresh water for agriculture, for eating and bathing, and for a myriad of uses that define our lives.  While so much of the sustainability press focuses on energy, in history, civilizations have disappeared when water was insufficient. Now the problem is global.  Comments afterwards.


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More than half of the world’s large

lakes are drying up, study finds


Gloria Dickie


May 19, 2023


LONDON, May 18 (Reuters) – More than half of the world’s large lakes and reservoirs have shrunk since the early 1990s, chiefly because of climate change, intensifying concerns about water for agriculture, hydropower and human consumption, a study published on Thursday found.… Keep reading

Processed Foods & Brain Health

As Sustainable Living includes both living in harmony with Earth and our quality-of-life experience, how our brains are working is a vital consideration. Here’s some new research linking our daily food consumption to the health of our brain.


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The Link Between Highly Processed

Foods and Brain Health


in News


May 4, 2023


Roughly 60 percent of the calories in the average American diet come from highly processed foods. We’ve known for decades that eating such packaged products — like some breakfast cereals, snack bars, frozen meals and virtually all packaged sweets, among many other things — is linked to unwelcome health outcomes, like an increased risk of diabetesobesity and even cancer.… Keep reading