Seafood supply diminishing

Seafood is one of the more efficient ways to generate the calories we need.  (Meat from cattle is least efficient; vegetarian diets are most efficient.)  It also has a variety for satisfying different tastes.  Here’s a report about the impact global warming is having on our supply of seafood.  Suggestions afterwards.


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Warming oceans are hurting seafood

supply – and things are getting worse



Erik Stokstad


Feb. 28, 2019

Marine fish around the world are already feeling the effects of climate change — and some are reeling, according to the first large analysis of recent trends.… Keep reading

Global Warming & Food Insecurity

Here’s a research report that examines the effect that global warming is having on food production in southern Africa, and suggests policies that could alleviate the problem.  I’m including this as a blog for two reasons:


  1. Whenever, in our own research, we identify coming trends, they have a tendency to happen more quickly than the experts forecasted; and


  1. We live in a global economy. If a problem happens in some remote region, it now seems to invariably spread to wherever we are.
Keep reading

Colorado River Running Dry

You’re likely aware of water shortages that have been increasing in the southwestern U.S.  Now, those projected shortages are becoming reality.  It’s not just bad news for the local residents; the region is the biggest food producer for our country.  For many decades, the Colorado River has been the primary source of water for the southwestern states.  Now, the river is down to its lowest levels.

What can you do about this situation, personally?


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Feds cut Colorado River

allocation to Arizona,

Nevada as talks fail



The Hill



States along the Colorado River have officially missed a federally imposed deadline to develop a new water-sharing agreement, and the federal government on Tuesday announced new water allocation reductions, including nearly 25 percent in cuts to Arizona.… Keep reading

Soil Microbiomes

Here’s a sustainability-relevant subject about which we’ve not reported, yet it’s the foundation for our lives.  It enables trees and the myriad of plant life we need to grow our food, to oxygenate the air we breathe, to support our buildings and our personal movement.  Evidently, climate change is actually affecting the soil that underlies our lives.  Comments afterwards.


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How Climate Change Is

Affecting Soil Microbiomes


By Amanda Abrams

Modern Farmer

JULY 11, 2022


Often overlooked, diverse microbes are the key to healthy soil.… Keep reading

Food System Collapse

We’ve had previous blogs reporting about food quality and food shortages.  Recent events cited logistics problems as the source of food shortages and even price increases.  Here’s a report comparing the state of the food system to the state of the financial system at the time of its 2008 collapse.  The financial system collapse was disastrous.  Many lost their homes, and everyone worked to survive a major recession – except leaders in the financial systems, who were given raises and bonuses. … Keep reading