Beauty is a Beast !

Virtually all the sustainability-related literature focuses on environmental concerns.  And rightly so.  However, the #1 reason people bought one of our net zero sustainable homes was aesthetics, not saving money on utility bills or being eco-friendly.  What I now see as “Sustainable Living” means living 100% with what Earth provides – which really isn’t all that difficult to do – and enjoying as great a quality-of-life experience as possible, of which aesthetics is a key.  Here’s an enlightening research report that looks at the impact aesthetics is having. … Keep reading

Bird Battles

Addressing problems we’re having with the loss of birds probably doesn’t mean much to our personal everyday lives.  But as a species, they’re essential to our ability to sustain our own human species.  While the solutions may feel global, we can do a lot as individuals.  Comments afterwards.

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These tiny creatures are

losing their battle to survive.

Here’s what we can do to save them.


Amy Chillag,


Fri April 21, 2022


The Rufous Hummingbird is magical.… Keep reading

Solar-Powered Town

Here’s a fine example of an entire community that runs on solar power and readily withstands the impacts of climate change, to boot.  While neighboring parts of Florida – and actually entire countries – are ravaged by increasingly powerful storms, as the sun always comes out and shines, this community enjoys a calmer quality-of-life experience.  Comments afterwards.


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This 100% Solar-Powered

Town in Florida Left Virtually

Unscathed After Hurricane Ian


Kristina Zagame

Eco Watch

October 7, 2022


Hurricane Ian caused mass destruction to Southwest Florida, taking dozens of lives and leaving millions without power.… Keep reading

Why lawns?

Here’s an interesting article about lawns, and the environmental problems they’re creating.  The data provided is extensive.  The question:  How addicted are we to tradition and habits that simply no longer make sense?  Comments afterwards.


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There’s a water crisis.

Why do we still have lawns?


An American dream meets a changing landscape

Dan Zak

The Washington Post

August 24, 2022


Lawns, still, somehow.

The planet has accelerated its revolt against us and still we tend our lawns, one part of Earth we can control.… Keep reading

E-cars vs Gas: Actual Costs

We all grew up using gas-powered cars.  We might have questioned mileage numbers and maintenance costs, but the industry and the supporting infrastructure was based on using gas.  As e-cars finally gained sufficient acceptance, perhaps largely due to Tesla, the oil industry – and any established industry fighting for its survival – shifted the focus on range per charge, time to recharge, and even costs.

Sometimes, the established industry is still the best choice; it didn’t gain acceptance for nothing.  And sometimes it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction when “the usual” is challenged. … Keep reading