‘Imperial Lawn’ Is Dead

Here’s a useful bit of research that affects many of us. It concerns the negative environmental effects caused by grass lawns, and ties the data directly to global warming and our climate change problems.  Comments afterwards.

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The Traditional ‘Imperial Lawn’ Is Dead

— Long Live the Trees


Cristen Hemingway Jaynes


January 13, 2023


Americans are well known for their evenly clipped, bright green lawns. But rather than being beneficial, these manicured greenspaces are actually detrimental to the environment.… Keep reading

Visiting Green Spaces

Being as “Sustainable Living” necessarily includes both physical and mental health, here’s some research findings that quantify some positive effects that simple visits to green spaces have on visitors.  Comments afterwards.

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Regular visits to green spaces linked to

lower use of certain prescriptions – study


Research in forest-rich Finland studied responses

of 16,000 residents of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa



The Jerusalem Post

JANUARY 17, 2023


Frequent visits to green spaces in cities – such as parks and community gardens, rather than the amount or views of them from home – may be linked to lower use of certain prescription meds, suggests research conducted in Finland.… Keep reading


Here’s a different orientation to sustainability:  Our disposition.  With all the 24/7 news featuring uprisings, wars, mass shootings, etc. – all likely to increase our anxiety levels and hurt our daily quality-of-life experience, it seems very appropriate to an exploration centered on “Sustainable Living.”  Comments afterwards.


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Mindfulness exercises can be as effective

as anxiety drugs, study shows

Breathing and body exercises helped relieve anxiety as effectively

as medications over an eight-week study of 208 people


Amanda Morris

The Washington Post

January 23, 2023


Practicing mindfulness to relieve anxiety can be just as effective as medication, new research shows.… Keep reading

Heat & Drought

By now, most of us are aware of global warming and the weather problems that it has created. One of the most severe problems that the combination of heat and drought create is loss of crops.  In history, we’ve had previous civilizations that have thrived, then lost their ability to provide food for their population … and vanished.  Now and then, archeologists uncover some of these abandoned cities and are often marveled by the sophistication of their understanding of astronomy, mathematics, etc. … Keep reading

Gas Stove Pollution

As one of the criteria for “Sustainable Living” is living with better health, here’s new research about health problems caused by an appliance that’s in a huge number of U.S. homes, the gas stove. As it’s off most of the time I never thought about health consequences. Not so.  Comments afterwards.


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One in eight cases of asthma in US kids

caused by gas stove pollution – study


Emission of toxic chemicals and carcinogens from gas

stoves creating indoor pollution worse than car traffic


Oliver Milman @olliemilman

The Guardian

Fri 6 Jan 2023


Around one in eight cases of asthma in children in the US is due to the pollution given off by cooking on gas stoves, new research has found, amid moves by Joe Biden’s administration to consider the regulation, or even banning, of gas cookers sales to Americans.… Keep reading