Fighting Climate Change

I have a tendency to get jaded about marches, demonstrations, and pledges. After the excitement of the moment dies down, I don’t see actual implementation of what was pledged. We once had mileage ratings posted when a new car was advertised; no longer. And as issues evolve from “hot” to passe or forgotten, the reasons for the initial uproar tend to go unsolved.

The problem with climate change is: this problem confronts our very ability to enjoy a life on planet Earth.… Keep reading

Climate Change vs Brain Health

Here’s another concern about climate change: it’s having an impact on our brain health … enough to cause a medical journal to do an in-depth study and share the consequences. Comments and suggestions afterwards.


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Brain Health Compromised

by Climate Change


Shifting weather patterns may continue to

affect stroke, dementia, neurologic infections.


by Judy George,

Deputy Managing Editor

MedPage Today

May 28, 2024


Climate change will continue to affect brain health, researchers predicted.… Keep reading

Fossil fuel companies pay climate damages

Here’s what may be seen as a shocker. As the SuperPACs contribute so much to political campaigns, our laws have generally benefitted them. Vermont just went against the tide. Comments afterwards.


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Vermont becomes first state to mandate that

fossil fuel companies pay for climate damages


The state’s new law, enacted on Thursday, has been referred to as

the Climate Superfund Act because it is modeled after the

Environmental Protection Agency’s superfund program.Keep reading

Home Insurance & Climate Change

Political and corporate leaders – and even mainstream media – all have biases that lead us to question the accuracy of their pronouncements. Insurance companies, however, deal in facts. Their rates – and even whom they will insure – are based on those facts, or they could go out of business.

When they cite climate change problems, it’s more believable. However, people buy homes that were fine in times past but are not equipped to deal with power outages or nearby fires.… Keep reading

Climate change aggravates brains

Here’s an interesting and unusual and little-discussed effect of climate change. We know there are more small wars and increased rates of shootings and, in many areas, gang violence. While more violence tends to brea out during hot summer conditions, I hadn’t thought that there might be some unifying causal condition. Comments afterwards.


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Climate change is likely to aggravate

brain conditions, study finds


Sanjay M Sisodiya et al.

The Lancet Neurology

University College London

May, 2024


Climate change, and its effects on weather patterns and adverse weather events, is likely to negatively affect the health of people with brain conditions, argues a UCL-led team of researchers.… Keep reading