Water Wars Ahead

In tales of the Old West, if one rancher had water and another didn’t, if they couldn’t work out a trade, then a water war – often with shooting – broke out.  A few decades ago, Kansas sued Colorado because they believed that dams and other structures built in Colorado diminished the supply of water that flowed to Kansas.  A few million dollars in environmental studies and legal fees later, it turned out that Kansas actually had more water now.

I recall an incident in which a Colorado town ran out of water. … Keep reading

Global Heating Reaching Tipping Point

Last week, two people who do landscaping work at Garden Atriums said that they were frightened by gas reaching $5 a gallon, and weren’t sure how they were going to be able to continue.  Both have gas cars, so I asked if they’d considered trading them in, for whatever price they could get now, and get an e-car.  One said she’d never go electric.  The other said she didn’t have the money.  My question:


“At what point will you have to make

the switch if you wish to keep driving?”Keep reading

Chemical Pollution

Well, here’s a global problem that may feel as though there’s nothing that we, as individuals, can do about it.  Yet, we are the ones who buy and use and dispose of these chemicals, so we do have some responsibility for causing the problem.  In years (or centuries) gone by, a civilization might flourish, create an unsustainable mess along the way, then vanish. Some other area of the world would host humanity, while the previous area healed.

No longer.  Today, we occupy the entire planet. … Keep reading

Air Pollution

When it comes to what we can do to enjoy a healthier life, improving the quality of the air we breathe is near the top of the list.  Improving air quality is also something we can address personally, and inexpensively.  Comments afterwards.

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Eliminating Air Pollution Could Save More

Than 53,000 Lives Per Year, Study Says


Chris Walker,


May 26, 2022


A new study has concluded that tens of thousands of premature deaths in the U.S.… Keep reading

Climate Solutions

Well, I believe we’re beyond the point at which climate change deniers still believe that climate change is not happening.  The problem, then, is what we’re going to do about it.  We’ve never, in history, had a major problem that affected the future of all of mankind and of planet Earth.  Afterwards, I’ll add comments for helping us adapt.


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Climate Solutions


Six steps the world can take to halt climate change


The U.N.’s… Keep reading