Sustainable Living & Crime Reduction

When I saw this report, while I was pleased to read about programs that reduce violent crime, I wasn’t sure how that related to Sustainable Living.  If we define Sustainable Living as (1) living 100% in harmony with nature and (2) maximizing our quality-of-life experience, then I can see how having fewer worries about violent crime in my environment would, indeed, support my ability to enjoy a better quality-of-life experience.  Comments afterwards.


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A study gave cash and therapy to

men at risk of criminal behavior.

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Bird Battles

Addressing problems we’re having with the loss of birds probably doesn’t mean much to our personal everyday lives.  But as a species, they’re essential to our ability to sustain our own human species.  While the solutions may feel global, we can do a lot as individuals.  Comments afterwards.

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These tiny creatures are

losing their battle to survive.

Here’s what we can do to save them.


Amy Chillag,


Fri April 21, 2022


The Rufous Hummingbird is magical.… Keep reading

Processed Foods & Brain Health

As Sustainable Living includes both living in harmony with Earth and our quality-of-life experience, how our brains are working is a vital consideration. Here’s some new research linking our daily food consumption to the health of our brain.


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The Link Between Highly Processed

Foods and Brain Health


in News


May 4, 2023


Roughly 60 percent of the calories in the average American diet come from highly processed foods. We’ve known for decades that eating such packaged products — like some breakfast cereals, snack bars, frozen meals and virtually all packaged sweets, among many other things — is linked to unwelcome health outcomes, like an increased risk of diabetesobesity and even cancer.… Keep reading

A New Crisis of Confidence

Here’s a departure from my usual blog, a take-off from President Carter’s “A Crisis of Confidence” 1978 speech that seems both relevant and inspiring 45 years after he delivered it originally.  His concern was on the current energy crisis; mine is on Sustainable Living. But the path to solving the problem has striking parallels, from which we may learn.

The following sentences are comprised of words and phrases, in italics, I selected from President Carter’s original speech. Between his phrases I inserted my comments.… Keep reading

Toxic PFAS in Fabrics

PFAs, also known as the “forever chemicals”, create a huge range of major health problems. EPA has waged a long-term battle with the chemical industry to eliminate their use. Some companies have voluntarily ceased using PFAs; some haven’t. One common PFA use has been to make fabrics more stain resistant.  Now we see that’s unnecessary.  Comments afterwards.


In the epilog … I’m also introducing, new Sustainable Living “Tips Videos.” They’re free, one minute long, each aimed at providing specific tips on things you can do to live more sustainably, enjoy a better quality-of-life experience, and do it for less money. … Keep reading