Breaching 1.5C Warming Limit

Here’s a major global issue that directly affects our ability to maintain life on Earth. Now, what can each of us do, as individuals? Comments afterwards.


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World’s first year-long

breach of key

1.5C warming limit


Mark Poynting

BBC News

8 Feb 2024


For the first time, global warming has exceeded 1.5C

across an entire year, according to the EU’s climate service.


World leaders promised in 2015 to try to limit the long-term temperature rise to 1.5C, which is seen as crucial to help avoid the most damaging impacts.… Keep reading

Cutting Back on LNG

Here’s a report about our government finally cutting back on fossil fuel use.

While the intent is to transition from fossil fuel use to renewable sources for generating power, it tuns out that liquid natural gas – which emits less carbon dioxide than fossil fuels – is 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, molecule per molecule, at trapping heat. I’ll add comments afterwards.


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Joe Biden just did the

rarest thing in US politics:

he stood up to the

oil  industry


The Biden administration suspended new permits for natural gas terminals.Keep reading

Being Normal

It’s Monday, and I prepare my sustainability research blogs on Mondays. I often wonder why people I know – who are working hard but just getting by – aren’t adapting to healthier, less expensive sustainable living. They’re staying with what they see is normal and appropriate, but it’s killing them. For example …

Two people I know have a home with south-facing sun. They could, as I detailed in a previous blog, get a new e-car and all the power for their home and car for less than $45/month.… Keep reading

Renewable electricity tipping point

Here’s some good news. Perhaps the sum-total of our efforts to stop the negative effects of climate change are now large enough to counteract the problem we’ve created. I don’t think that means we can now cease the transition we’re undergoing. But it could mean that we will achieve a positive future for coming generations.  Even more …

The #1 reason people bought a Garden Atrium home was beauty – of the home and of the site, which is a quality-of-life experience factor, not an ecological or money-saving factor.… Keep reading

Truckers Driving EVs

I find it amazing that, while the percent of cars that are electric is growing slowly, I came across a report indicating an enthusiastic driver response to electric-powered trucks. Evidently, transporting heavy loads is not an issue, though they’re favored more by truckers who work locally, (e.g. UPS, Prime, FedEx, etc.) than on long cross-country runs. I’ll add Comments afterwards.


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For truckers driving EVs,

there’s no going back.


Electric trucks still make up only a tiny fraction

of trucks on the road in the United States


By Shannon Osaka

The Washington Post

January 18, 2024


Gary LaBush remembers the first time he sat behind the wheel of an electric Ford e-transit delivery truck at the Frito-Lay distribution center in Queens.… Keep reading