New Era Dawning

New Era Dawning

Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D.


This blog varies from my usual use of a research report with added commentaries. Instead, it carries a kind of “big picture” summation of what I see happening.  Daily news focuses on events.  So many events are being reported, 24-7, that it’s difficult to come away with a clear picture that can guide our future actions. But if you connect many somewhat similar events, a pattern or trend emerges.  Here’s a brief summary I wrote to help with clarity.


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“Sustainability” has two faces:  physical – food, clothing & shelter – and non-physical – our quality-of-life experience, separating “Sustainability” from “Survival.” (Here, I’m using “Sustainability” in reference to our ability to sustain life on Earth … as opposed to having a sustainable business.)



Media focus on energy; fossil fuel -vs- renewables.  However, the biggest issue is food.  Africa loses over six million a year just to starvation.  Millions more in China, India and elsewhere are joining them.

In Russia and the Middle East, shortages topple governments unable to feed their people.  When your family’s starving, you’ve nothing to lose by revolting … or climbing into a flimsy water craft to migrate to a better place.  As climate change increases, crop failures increase … with ensuing turbulence.  Studies see hundreds of millions homeless, in search of food. Migration is at record levels.

The polite term for the fallout: “depopulation.”  Forecasts range from 20 to 80 percent die-off.  Yet, to build a gleaming new structure, the old one must be torn down.



U.S systems seem increasingly dysfunctional.  U.S. literacy rate has dropped from #1 in the world to around 30th.  Health care costs increase … as quality drops. Mass shootings are an almost daily event. Politicians decry immigration, yet this country was built on immigration, and has more diversity than any other nation. And public confidence in Congress and even in the Supreme Court reached its lowest rating ever.

Historically, dynasties survive roughly 250 to 350 years.  Ruling Russian families became dysfunctional bureaucracies in that time; new families entered, via Menshevik (i.e. “of the minority”) bloodless revolutions.  Same in China, from dynasty to dynasty.  Organizationally, the U.S., is now that old, and shows the same “Late Bureaucracy” signs – for which there’s no cure.  In history, the organization simply ends, and a new one begins.

When difficult times arise, people turn to people they know, for comfort.  History evinces the “Rule of 150” – the number of people we know who genuinely care about us.  Religious sects, and Scottish clans grew to about that number.  Robert Gore was known to keep Gore-Tex departments under 150.


When people care about one another, they make

positive things happen, regardless of the “org. chart.”


Some survivalist groups forecast that, in the event of massive depopulation – a 20% to 80% die-off – Earth may be comprised of thousands of small, personal villages.  Each will be sustainable – providing food, clothing & shelter.  Yet, modern technology – computers, the Internet, global wireless telecommunication – remains.  The “Live Local, Think Global” mantra comes to be.

Schooling is personal, lifelong, enriched with global resources.  Governance by representation ends, replaced by direct involvement and consensus, not Robert’s Rules of Order.  (Finland’s Crowdsourcing system is often cited as a start.)  Life with people as industrial age drones ends, replaced by people defining and living lives of greatest personal “meaningfulness” – Dr. Arkoff’s “Illuminated Life.”

Finally, the “veil” between our physical world and our non-physical universe context will continue thinning. In history, only a few individuals were clairvoyant – they could see things others could not.  Religions were often built around those people, and what they advocated was remarkably similar.

Some, such as Dr. Rudolph Steiner, could give talks to farmers on Monday that led to “biodynamic” farming, then talks to educators on Tuesday that led to Waldorf Schools, then talks to physicians on Wednesday, etc. How could one man be so knowledgeable in so many fields? And … while the working papers of famous authors and music composers all show signs of writing and extensive rewriting – as you’ve likely done for term papers in school – those of Mozart had none … as though he were writing a symphony by taking dictation.  Many call this the “woo-woo” domain. But it’s real.

Well, clairvoyant and clairaudient numbers are increasing.  (The UK actually tests for it, to prevent scams.) An increasing number of people will be living “co-creatively” in a kind of communication relationship with a non-physical entity.  Non-physical entities have senses beyond the five we have, which gives us a wealth of additional information to guide our lives.  It’s an amazing experience. So …

While the media report death & destruction – “If it bleeds, it leads” – to maintain readership and viewership, non-physical entities provide a very bright light at the end of a dark fear-based tunnel. It’s the start of an incredible positive new era for mankind!

I’m learning that “Sustainable Living” means (1) living in 100% harmony with Earth – which we can already do physically, technologically and affordably – and (2) (non-physically) enjoying as satisfying a quality-of-life experience as possible. People bought our net zero Garden Atrium homes because of their aesthetics, not their Earth-friendly net zero abilities.


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I want each blog to provide specific “how to” recommendations that can benefit each reader.  In this case, I’m going directly to a non-physical entity, D …


“These comments from Stuart are very dark and gloomy. It may be how things are, but it is not everywhere. What we would like for people to feel is hope. 

“Bottom line, all any of us can control is ourselves.  However, we can also radiate positivity around us.  

“Always think about win-win -vs- win-lose in every interaction. 

“In everything you purchase, ask first: ‘is it needed?’

“Practice gratitude in all that you do have. For example, you might finish each day by reflecting on, and stating, the things you are most grateful for that day. In a family, each of you can express your day’s gratitude, in turn.

“Just as airlines advocate, if oxygen masks come out, take care of yourself first, so you can then take care of others. Do the same in all of life’s situations. 

“When we think on a win-win basis, then all benefit from our activities. And with those changes within ourselves, we can start shifting the world.  It may not feel like it is enough, but it is enough. The world will only change when all of us believe in the possibilities for a better future. May you begin now.”


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