EU Smashes 2020 Climate Targe

Many of us think that various announcements and targets to be met at some future date are not really major concerns.  That’s especially true when such announcements are invariably accompanied by deniers.  And, if I’m not personally feeling the negative impact of whatever the issue happens to be, then it’s only “some theoretical issue” and why should I change, today, from the satisfying lifestyle I’m enjoying?

For some reason, all of the European nations have taken more serious action, and are achieving positive outcomes.  Here’s the report.  Afterwards, suggestions about what each of us can do to pave the way for a better future … without sacrificing our quality-of-life experience and with much less cost.


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EU Smashes 2020 Climate Target,

Records 34% Drop in Emissions

to Lowest Level since 1990


By Good News Network

June 5, 2022


Total greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union reached their lowest level since 1990, according to official EU data reported this week by the European Environment Agency to the UN.

The overall reduction in 2020 greenhouse gas emissions was 34% compared to the 1990 base year, or 1.94 billion tons of CO2.

Prior to the pandemic, the EU had already reduced its emissions by 26% in 2019 and had achieved its 20% target before the lockdowns started to impact emission levels.

Key drivers that led to emission reductions over the past three decades include the growing use of renewables, the use of less carbon intensive fossil fuels, and improvements in energy efficiency. Also, winters in Europe have become warmer.

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All sectors reduced emissions except for transport and refrigeration and air conditioning (although the latter have been decreasing in the last few years).

The EU continued to record substantial greenhouse gas emissions reductions in 2020, posting an 11% drop compared to 2019.

The report revealed that almost all EU Member States reduced emissions compared to 1990 and contributed to the overall positive EU performance. Germany and the UK (which withdrew from the EU in February 2020) accounted for 47% of the total net reductions over the past 30 years.

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For the moment, let’s forget about all the climate change issues and just look at what the cost would be to eliminate fossil fuels in your driving.


Average miles per year:      14,509

Average gas car mileage:    25mpg

Average maint. cost/yr:     $.09 per mile

(Assume fuel as regular @$3.50 – the lowest current prices near me.)


Average annual cost for fuel: 580 gallons @ $3.50 = $2,031

Average annual gas car maintenance cost:  $1,305.81


Average total gas car driving cost: $3,336


For my e-car, my average annual maintenance cost is $234.  (They just have to check the battery, replace a filter.)


E-car power from home, generally estimated at 25% the cost of gas, $507.


Average e-car driving cost:  $234 + $507 = $741


Annual savings:  $3,336 – $741 = $2,995


Forgetting about the environmental benefits, it’s a lot less expensive to drive an e-car … in fact, only 22% of the cost.  I don’t understand why people who struggle to make ends meet complain that they can’t afford to drive an e-car.

In my case, I also have solar power on my roof, so my driving cost is zero.  Asking D about the source of resistance …


“It is easy to find a gas pump.  It is uncomfortable not knowing exactly where the next place is to refuel the e-car – even though there are apps that will tell us. How long refueling the e-car will take is another concern, though most refueling is done at home, each night. 

 “The discomfort of change from something we’ve done all our lives to something new may simply be the biggest deterrent.”


This issue reminds me of an old FRAM oil filter ad, trying to convince people to spend a little more to enjoy longer-term engine-life benefits: “You can pay me now, or pay me later.”  However, this time, “engine-life” is Earth-life !

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