H20 = Happiness

Here’s a report, based on an extensive poll that links the amount of water we drink with our feelings of happiness. As “Sustainable Living” includes our quality-of-life experience, the amount of water we drink each day becomes an essential ingredient in sustainability.

In terms of our ability to survive, the long-established phrase is: “Water is destiny.” In history, civilizations have grown and flourished, or shrunk and died out based on their availability of water.  Water shortages have led to famine and wars.  Much of that need related to the use of water to irrigate crops, to produce necessary food.  This report, however, takes the use of water to a more personal level, beyond survival and to our quality-of-life experience.

Here’s the report. I’ll provide additional thoughts afterwards.

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H20 = Happiness:

People who drink 6 glasses

of water daily are more

optimistic, successful,



John Anderer

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December 12, 2020


NEW YORK — What’s the key to happiness? Most people would probably answer that question with responses like love or family. Interestingly, a new survey of 2,000 Americans finds the true answer may be staying hydrated.

The poll finds:


“Those who maintain proper hydra-

tion tend to be happier, more

successful, and more energetic.”


Respondents who drink at least six glasses of water daily (41%) are most likely to agree with the statement, “I’m very happy.” Conversely, only 12 percent of those drinking less than one glass of water per day say the same.

Commissioned by Bosch home appliances, the survey also reports 40 percent of Americans drinking more than six glasses of water consider themselves an optimistic person. Only 10 percent of those drinking less than one cup share the same sentiment.

Hydration also seems to have a big impact on rest and refreshment. People who drink lots of water (6+ cups) only wake up feeling tired 2.59 times per week. Those who drink minimal water wake up feeling exhausted 3.14 times a week.


Well hydrated people are also more likely

to be successful and least likely to

show up late for work.


The study also suggests that ice is a big part of this aquatic equation as well. Pretty much everyone prefers a nice cold glass of water over room temperature, so it makes a certain degree of sense that 56 percent of respondents won’t drink water unless it’s cold. Similarly, 53 percent say they’ll always end up drinking less water in general if they don’t have any ice handy.


More water, less ice during COVID

This year has brought a whole lot of unexpected changes, but according to the survey, many Americans discovered their love for ice in 2020 as well. Over half (53%) say they realized during quarantine that they need a better way to produce ice at home. More than six in 10 people (65%) periodically ran out of ice during recent lockdowns.

The survey also asked respondents about the “little things” in life they find most satisfying. The top answer to that question was “a pillow that’s not too firm or too soft” (46%) followed by a drink chilled to the ideal temperature (45%).

Just how much ice are Americans using?

Quite a bit, judging from the poll. Over four in five (83%) use at least one glass of ice per day. Fifty-eight percent use one to five glasses, and 25 percent use six to ten. In all, that adds up to an average of 116 glasses of ice each month (36 pounds).


A majority of Americans (56%) add that a

beverage served at the wrong temperature

can make an entire day less enjoyable.


The survey was conducted by OnePoll.

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As I’ve done more frequently recently, I asked D, the entity my wife channels, for comments …


Water is life. 

“The human body has a large percentage that is liquid. In order for fluids to run smoothly and easily through a human body, water is needed. When one has fluids running smoothly and easily, your body can function at a higher level, allowing more creativity, more perseverance, and more joy. 

“Water also allows for fluidity of movement, and movement is essential to strong health and wellbeing. 

“Black tea and coffee do not count as water, as they are diuretics. Neither does fruit juice or milk, because they’re food, and your body processes them differently. Herbal tea and water with chunks of fruit in it are perfectly fine. 

“Drink heartily of water, at whatever temperature you prefer, and enjoy the results!”

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