“Sustainability” seems to have two sides:  (1) the physical, living comfortably;  and (2) the non-physical, examining the transformation that’s happening.  Following is a second set of non-physical (even more esoteric) … italicized citations from E. Dee Conrad’s (channeled) “A New Dawn Awaits.”  As before, I’ve added comments, and bolded passages that feel more important …

(P.8)  No love given is ever wasted.  No kind thought or act of compassion is for naught.  These thoughts and actions are dispersed into the Universal consciousness in the form of energy – positive energy – that affects and uplifts all of humanity at a cellular level.  This is the principle of universal thought – one thought spurs on another thought and on it goes until that thought finally becomes reality.  That thought transforms from the energetic state into the physical or actual state, at least as we currently perceive reality.  This is the level of power of a single thought.  This is how a single thought is powerful enough to transform war into peace, hatred into love, sadness into joy.


Next, comments about the transition we’re entering …

(P.9)  So, if we do not want to repeat the cycle, what must we do?  We must each focus on our own inner development.  We must focus on our own spiritual and psychological development and advancement as it issues forth from deep inside us, and not be dictated by those on the outside.  We must listen to our hearts and our souls and follow what feels right for each of us.

(P.18)  By bringing a sense of peace and balance to your mind, you will help in bringing these same emotions to everyone else.  Positive thoughts create a ripple effect just as negative thoughts do.  As the positive thought ripples throughout the Universal Consciousness, it will attract similar thoughts and energies that will eventually materialize and become a concrete reality.  But it all starts with a single person – a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

(P.22.)  By removing judgment of ourselves and others from our thoughts, we remove pain and suffering.


And … something about our mind’s influence …

(P.27)  Knowing something is complete before you see it manifested in the physical plane speeds the process along.

Just as food nourishes the body, meditation nourishes the soul.  Meditation helps us connect with the universe and the universal laws.  The universal laws are the body of knowledge through which we create our physical reality.

If you remember nothing else in this book, remember this:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you;  think of others as you would have them think of you.

(P.44)  With greater awareness comes greater responsibility because the more we know, the more we realize the impact each and every one of us, the impact each and every thought, can have on our lives and on humanity itself.


Now, some “to-do”s and perspectives about who we are …

(P.63)  Just like a blocked river cannot flow freely, neither can you and your life flow freely if you resist change or hold onto what once was, or try to create what will be in the future.  Do not try to create your future.  Life is a delicate balance that few, if any, of us on this plane fully comprehend.  Therefore, let go and just watch what life brings.  Life is like a play and the Earth is a stage.  Enjoy your time here and be open to change and whatever life throws your way.  This is the secret of life.

(P.68)  Happiness is a state of mind;  a state of being that comes from deep within you.  It is not something that can be generated by personal achievements or accomplishments.  It is something that just is.  It is a part of who you are.  Likewise, it is something that cannot be taken from you.

(P.79-80)  All humans are alive and vibrant but not all shine with the luminosity of which they are capable.  This is the key.  You must work to shine with the luminosity that is possible without your makeup.  Do not worry about eating meat or not eating meat.  This is not about anything that is on the outside of you.  This discussion concerns only what is inside of you.  You all need to work on reaching in and touching your inner core.  Many, if not most, of you will have no idea how to do that, for it has been so long since you have been in touch with that part of yourself.

The method is easy and straightforward.  Sit quietly in a room without distraction or noise.  Listen to your breath and watch it move in and out of your nostrils.  Focus on your heart area and just be.  Feel what is there.  See what is there and feel what is there.  This is the first step in acknowledging and getting in touch with your inner core.

After you have been doing this for a while, maybe five minutes or so, pay attention to your breath.  Is your breath rate and quality different than it was when you began?  When your breath rate slows and becomes even and steady you are ready to move on to the second step in this process.

With your eyes closed, take an inventory of what you want in life and from life.  Think about things that happened years ago and think about things that happened yesterday.  Think about things that make you sad and make you happy.  Think about things that make you angry, and those that make you joyful … but don’t stop thinking, not at this point.  Feel the emotions rush through your mind and your body.  Feel the full weight and impact these emotions have on your system and on your breathing.  Once you have done this for several minutes stop all thoughts and just relax with your eyes closed.

Now, take your right hand and place it on your left shoulder.  Sit with your right hand on your left shoulder for several minutes – thinking of nothing if possible.

Put your right hand back down on your lap – it does not matter which way the palm is facing.

Take your shoulders and pull them away from your ears and pull them back so your spine is tall and straight.  Feel the energy that has been released as it crawls up your spine and into your crown chakra.  Feel the direct connection with the universe.  Feel your inner core begin to open up and connect once again with the Universal Consciousness and all that is out there.  Feel your body as it comes alive and shines from within.  Breathe in as deeply as possible a few times and then settle back into a regular breathing pattern.  Let go of your fears and worries.  Let go of anything you feel might be keeping you in this dimension.  Let go and feel the freedom it brings.  Let go and let your mind and body wander into the depths of your soul previously closed off to you and your senses.  Let go and breathe in the air of freedom and possibility.


And onto personal responsibility …

(P.86)  By your own thoughts and actions over your lifetimes you have created the scenario we are now witnessing.  You are responsible for all that is happening, so stop blaming others.  Stop putting out more hatred and fear.  Take responsibility and do what you can to minimize the cycle of pain and grief the world is now experiencing.  Get in touch with your inner self, your inner being, and re-access your limitless supply of compassion and understanding.  Help make the world a better place immediately by putting away your fears and worries and getting in touch with your eternal core, your eternal essence of love.

(P.96)  Therefore, this person you see who hates life and hates everyone around her/him is also you.  How he/she thinks and acts will influence how you think and act and vice versa.  Work hard to show kindness and humility to this person.  Work hard to show this person there are people who care about humanity, who are grateful for life and grateful this person is alive, and you will be helping humanity move forward on the path of enlightenment.  Do nothing and you will wither and die on you path to so-called enlightenment.  Enlightenment is about thinking and doing … not just pondering the meaning of existence or the theory of relativity.  Actions speak louder than words and actions backed by a loving and compassionate intent have the most impact of all.

This is the point – those who by their actions or words demonstrate that they hate humanity or life should be held in the highest compassion.  This is how the cycle of destruction and ruin will come to an end.  This is how you will get from here to there – “here” being misery and suffering and “there” being joyfulness and bliss.  Have compassionate thoughts about those in power and about those who wreak destruction on humanity, whether through folly, stupidity, greed or abuse of power.  You do not need to condone their actions, but know in your heart these people are acting out of great pain and suffering.


Finally, some admonitions …

(P.130)  Do not let your thoughts randomly wander all over the place, touching on greed, anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, and annoyance.  Focus your thoughts and limit them to the kind of world you want to live in.  If you want to live in a peaceful world, have more thoughts of peace and harmony.  If you want to live in a giving and caring society, focus your thoughts on these aspects.  Direct your thoughts in such a way that they will not only help you but will also help humanity ascend to higher levels.

(P.143)  Acknowledge your power, your creativity and your magnificence by focusing on what is going on inside of you and not just what is going on inside your head.  Feel your heart;  feel your soul.  You are trying to tap into your consciousness, and from that point direct the energy out into the world.  It may sound difficult but it really is not.


Ten years ago, I’d never have expected this thinking linked to “Sustainability.”  This perspective has expanded my awareness, immensely!

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