Insanely Cheap Energy

You probably keep hearing about the shift to renewable energy. It’s not new.  And yet many, if not most, people are playing a “wait & see” game.

For centuries, coal was the cheapest source of power, and it enabled the industrial evolution, from which we’re all benefitting. But a few years ago, solar power actually became cheaper then coal … which also brings benefits of cleaner air, and no residuals to dispose of, which is a problem for coal and an even bigger problem for nuclear.  … Keep reading

A Mind for Sustainable Living

Here’s an unusual aspect of sustainable living that’s rarely, if ever, in any of the media: How our adult minds work, and how that affects sustainability.

It’s an item from Arlington Institutes’ FUTUREdition Volume 24, Number 9, and may be crucial in how we solve many of the global problems we face, as well as how we might enjoy a higher quality-of-life experience … what I consider an essential part of “Sustainable Living.”  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Why Adults Lose ‘Beginner’s Mind’ – (New York Times – April 16, 2021)

Here’s a sobering thought:

The older we get, the harder it is for us

to learn, to question, to reimagine.Keep reading


Here’s a brief research report concerning an aspect of global warming that’s rarely or never in the mainstream media.  As summer temperatures and annual temperatures continue to rise, we’re coming to a point at which our air conditioners can no longer handle the load. Even worse, how to we eat when crops fail, due to the intense heat?

In learning to live sustainably, we have to make forecasts about where we’ll have living conditions in which we can do more than “survive” but can actually enjoy a better quality-of-life experience.… Keep reading

E-Cars near “Tipping Point”


As e-car recharge stations continue to proliferate, and as new batteries can now be recharged in five to ten minutes, the percent of new car purchases of electric cars will soon be greater than that for gas or diesel. It’s already greater in countries, such as Norway.

As the trend continues, trade-in prices for fossil-fueled cars will drop, with fewer maintenance places remaining.  Changing from cars we’ve used all our lives to an unknown product can be uncomfortable.  But the change is happening.  … Keep reading

Gas to Electricity

Here are two articles about the same subject, the transition from gas to electric vehicles. The first may come from Tesla, the second from a news source.  Their big picture is the same, from slightly different perspectives.

I’ll add comments and “what to do” suggestions afterwards.

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Elon Musk expected to use Tesla ‘Battery Day’ to argue for the end of combustion engines


By Tina Bellon

21 September 2020


(Reuters) – Tesla Inc TSLA.O CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday is scheduled to showcase the company’s advanced battery technology, with investors expecting he will outline how the company’s electric vehicles will surpass the cost and convenience of internal combustion engines.… Keep reading