Sustainable Living

Around the turn of the century, when I ventured into developing a small sustainable development, I made a list of the considerations that should be included in defining “sustainability.” They were the “usual” … heating, cooling, electrical power, water, air quality, waste management, etc.

And how would I measure to see if I was being sustainable?

Net Zero … which essentially can be defined as 100% of that aspect plus storage. Nature provides heat or light or rain when it pleases. … Keep reading


Here’s an article done as a blog that provides an excellent “big picture” view of how our world is evolving, with a perspective about what will promote truly sustainable living.

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Where is the hope?


Blogpost by Rex Weyler

30 November, 2016


I’m not sure we can win with logic.

How do we reverse species loss, climate change, toxins, general overshoot of Earth’s generous habitats? We have the science, but humanity at the large scale does not appear to have the political will.… Keep reading

Life Lessons

Life Lessons

                                                     Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D.


Dr. Michael Newton is a psychotherapist with a unique practice. When traditional medicine is unable to solve a problem, professionals often refer their patients to him.  Using hypnosis, he does a past life regression and identifies the source of the patient’s current problem.  For example …


A woman had been experiencing pain in her legs, for years.

Medical tests showed absolutely no physiological problem.

Dr. Newton found that in her previous lifetime, she fell out

of her family carriage as a little girl, and the steel wheels

of the carriage rolled across her legs.Keep reading


Here are four selections from a Lester Brown book by the same title. He was, for years, leading the WorldWatch Institute.  They did mountains of research, gathering hard facts about major trends affecting our world, such as the actual tonnage of fish from different fisheries, measured at regular intervals for decades, to see if it was growing or declining.

I couldn’t imagine depleting an entire world … but we actually are.

His data was one of the biggest reasons I decided to invest a lot of personal energy and resources into creating sustainable environments and to encouraging more people to live more sustainably.… Keep reading

Journey of Souls

This blog was sent out recently, but many did not receive it.  So … here it is again, as the few who did get it really liked it.

Departing from the physical side of sustainability, here are excerpts from an eye-opening book. In design, the adage is:  if you want to design a wall, look at the room;  if you want to design a room, look at the building, etc.  We need to create with regard to the context in which we’re working.

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