Consumer-Driven Change

Here are two articles that report changes in how we power our homes and cars … changes that are already happening.  As you’ll learn, none of these changes are initiated by political leaders of any party.  Just as availability of healthier organic foods has been driven by consumer demand, change to a sustainable world is going to have to come from consumers, like us.

Beginning with our overall global energy supply …

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Renewable energy to expand by 50% in next five years – report


Energy agency says solar power will drive

faster than forecast growth in renewables


Jillian Ambrose

The Guardian

21 Oct 2019


Global supplies of renewable electricity are growing faster than expected and could expand by 50% in the next five years, powered by a resurgence in solar energy.… Keep reading

Ocean Waters Boiling with Methane

Here’s a discovery by an international team of scientists that’s given me serious pause. Being an alarmist doesn’t solve problems.  And ignoring “potential problems” certainly doesn’t solve them … if they prove to be real.  But preventive medicine has consistently proven to be worthwhile.

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‘This is truly terrifying’:

Scientists discover ocean waters ‘boiling with methane’ in Arctic


October 10, 2019

Common Dreams


Scientists studying the consequences of methane emissions from underwater permafrost in the Arctic Ocean announced this week that they found a 50-square-foot area of the East Siberian Sea “boiling with methane bubbles.”


“This is the most powerful seep I

have ever been able to observe,”


lead scientist Igor Semiletov said Monday, using a term for methane gas bubbling up from the seafloor to the surface.… Keep reading

Beyond the “Age of Enlightenment”

Recently, I was troubled at the amount of hate speech that seems to be growing in many places around the world. Most of it is anonymous, coming from social media sources – just as the KKK wore hoods to hide identities.

And many political leaders, such as Mr. Trump, seem to stir the pot. I once heard a definition of political leadership as:


“Find out where everyone wants to go,

then jump out in front and yell ‘This

way!’ That’s how you win votes.Keep reading

Fuel Subsidies

Here’s a unique idea that can have a fast and enormous positive impact on sustainability – and on reversing climate change problems. If you haven’t done much overseas travel, you may not know that many nations do not provide subsidies for fossil fuels, so gas, for example, runs around $10 a gallon.  That’s why they have so many small and extremely fuel-efficient cars, and why over half of all new car sales are electric.

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Just 10% of fossil fuel subsidy cash ‘could pay for green transition’


Redirecting small portion of subsidies would

unleash clean energy revolution, says report


Damian Carrington Environment editor

The Guardian

Thu 1 Aug 2019


Switching just some of the huge subsidies supporting fossil fuels to renewables would unleash a runaway clean energy revolution, according to a new report, significantly cutting the carbon emissions that are driving the climate crisis.… Keep reading

Future Visions

Here’s a change-of-pace blog that explores many likely changes that appear to be in store for us. We’re usually so preoccupied with our daily responsibilities that we don’t often sit back and ask where we’re heading … not in a year or two but in ten or twenty or fifty years.  I’m including this item as a sustainability blog purely to stretch our vision … and within which to prompt each of us to think about what we might do in response.… Keep reading