Quest for Purpose

Here’s one of the healthiest questions we can ask.  From experience, I know we can create elegant environments that are also totally sustainable.  And I know that “sustainability” is more than “survival.”  As we see new strides being achieved in robotics and artificial intelligence, at some point we need to ask the question that we should have been asking all along:

What is our purpose?

Here’s an article that explores the question. Much of it may feel uncomfortable to you, and is, at the very least, controversial. … Keep reading

“The Challenge of Change” book is here!

Happy 2018 !

As a subscriber to my weekly sustainability blogs, you likely have considerable interest about sustainability and the quality of our environment.

I share that interest. So, At the turn of the century, I decided to “walk the talk.”  I engaged several specialists from within the design professions, found a successful developer to coach me, emptied the coffers, and embarked on a quest to create as sustainable a community as I possibly could.

Finland’s leading university recently invited me to present at an international sustainability conference because, from their research, we had the most sustainable development in the U.S. … Keep reading

E-Car Range Booster

The writing is, as they say, “On the wall.” Electric car sales are already climbing at phenomenal rates.  Some countries have even set deadlines, at which time gas-powered vehicles will no longer be allowed.

Four years ago, I bought an electric SMART car. Partially because I wanted to see what it was like to drive an electric car.  And partially because I like convertibles and SMART seems to be the only electric convertible.  (I also like the fact that SMART is owned by Mercedes, whose safety standards are more stringent than U.S.… Keep reading

Gates’s Predictions

As Mr. Gates addresses global issues, over time he necessarily becomes more in tune with major trends. While he has no crystal ball, here are some trends he sees in our future – many of which affect sustainable living.

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Bill Gates’s 7 predictions for our future

This article is published in collaboration with Business Insider

08 May 2017


Gates’ physical body might reside in the present, but his brain lives in the future.… Keep reading


I recently read an article from MIT’s Technology Review – a free online service providing information on many of the latest technologies that will be impacting our lives and our civilization – that compared parallels in how we tackled the Y2K problem, at the turn of the millennium, with the problem of climate change.

I don’t believe the parallel is a valid comparison.


  • Y2K was event focused;

  • Climate change is a life-style issue.

    Whenever we’re faced with a major disruptive or potentially catastrophic event – Y2K or a hurricane or a collapsed bridge or a ruptured water main – we focus our energy and technology and resources to address the problem.… Keep reading