Non-Zero-Sum Living

Non-Zero-Sum Living is the

only way to save life on Earth


Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D.


I recently took a class that linked philosophy with movies. Given my interests in sustainability, my term paper wove movies with sustainability.

Zero-Sum situations are those which – as they say in “The Highlander” – are epitomized by the phrase, “There can be only one.” A gain for one person means a simultaneous and equal loss for another, so the sum is zero.  Sporting venues, elections, product manufacturers, romantic pursuits, spelling bees – contests of any kind – all carry with them great intrigue. … Keep reading

Remaking Schools

I believe the higher our level of education, the better our potential quality-of-life. In education, as in many realms, waves of a “better approach” tend to come and go.  While my doctorate is in what’s known as “organization development,” it was housed in a college of education, so I had to take several courses in education to satisfy requirements.  I became familiar with schools such as Summerhill, Waldorf or Montessori, and systems such as “contract learning.”  It’s a long blog, but here’s some 21st century thinking.… Keep reading

Giving Up

Here’s a “big picture” perspective about the major trend in which we live. I’ll add comments afterwards about how this trend impacts sustainability.

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Have Americans Given Up?

A new book by Tyler Cowen argues that when it comes

to innovation and dynamism, the country is all talk.


Rick Wilking


Americans have fallen in love with the idea of their entrepreneurial spirit. Silicon Valley seems to have replaced New York City as the country’s metropolitan mascot of dynamism.… Keep reading

The Happiest Kids

Here’s a look at why some countries have happier kids – which is the foundation for happier adults, and a more fulfilling life experience.

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Dutch kids aren’t stressed out: What Americans can learn from how the Netherlands raises children

 UNICEF rated Dutch children the happiest in the world,

and American kids aren’t even in the top 25. Here’s why.


Rina Mae Acosta and Michele Hutchison

Sunday, Mar 26, 2017


Two toddlers have just chased each other to the top of a jungle gym while their mothers are lost in conversation on a nearby park bench.… Keep reading

Good Country Index

Here’s a thorough and measurable system for evaluating the quality of life in each country. It’s a helpful benchmark for evaluating our needs.

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Sweden officially the ‘goodest’ country

in the world, study says


The nation outranked 162 others thanks to its positive lifestyle contributions, including prosperity, equality, health and wellbeing.


Mal Siret

2 June 2016

UK Independent


The index suggests that Sweden, relative to the size of its economy, does more “good” and less harm than any other country.… Keep reading