5-minute E-car recharge

If you have any interest in sustainability, I’d assume you’re aware that the single biggest source of global warming comes from the burning of fossil fuels. And the biggest contributors to that come from transport … planes and trucks and cars. And the biggest contributor we each control is our car. As electric cars made their entry, to challenge gas and diesel cars, the manufacturers, who are understandably reluctant to change from a product that’s been their source of profitability for a century, cited “range” as the biggest problem.… Keep reading

Covid-19 & Joy

It seems odd to connect concepts of more joyful living with a pandemic. But as the saying goes …

“Necessity is the motherhood of invention.”

A few years ago, as my wife and I were beginning an all-day hike, heavy rain began.  We asked what else we might do that would actually be better then what we’d been planning to do.  And we did come up with a better alternative.  Since then, whenever something arises that forces us to depart from what we were planning, we ask the same question. … Keep reading

Ishmael – 4

 (P. 260-4) “Divine intentions … It would seem … There is a sort of tendency in evolution, wouldn’t you say? If you start with those ultrasimple critters in the ancient seas and move up step by step to everything we see here now – and beyond – then you have to observe a tendency toward … complexity. And toward self-awareness and intelligence. Wouldn’t you agree? 

“That is, all sorts of creatures on this planet appear to be on the verge of attaining that self-awareness and intelligence.Keep reading

Ishmael – 3

Now, Ishmael’s dialogue now moves into food quantity, then into culture and why past civilizations on Earth have vanished … and what we need to do to keep ours from vanishing.

We’re now into the very heart of “sustainability.”


(P. 136) “All right. I was assuming you knew the ABC’s of ecology. In the natural community, whenever a population’s food supply increases, that population increases. As that that population increases, its food supply decreases, and as its food supply decreases, that population decreases.Keep reading

Life After Covid

With Covid-19 vaccines soon to come out, and with many governments already pre-ordering sufficient vaccines to meet the needs of their entire populations, questions are beginning to arise about what changes caused by the pandemic may be permanent. Here’s a report from six editors from The Guardian that examines what they perceive as likely changes.  I think about how these changes may affect “Sustainable Living.”  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Life After Covid

From cities, to science, to politics, six Observer

writers assess how a post-pandemic world

will emerge into a new normal


by Rowan MooreSonia SodhaRobin McKie,

Gaby HinsliffTim Adams and Torsten Bell

The Guardian

Sun 29 Nov 2020




Here are some things that the pandemic changed.… Keep reading