Our twenty-first century life style provides amenities and opportunities never before experienced on Earth. I doubt many would relish returning to the life style lived centuries ago by Native Americans.  Yet, they may hold lessons from which we could further enhance how we live today.

Quoting from pages 29-30, “The Wisdom of the Native Americans,” by Kent Nerburn, comments by a co-star in “The Outlaw Josie Wales,” Chief Dan George …


“My friends, how desperately do we need to be loved and to love.Keep reading


One of the sources I use to stay abreast of major trends shaping our world is MIT’s “Technology Review,” a free daily newsletter that reports new findings and plans in the world of technology. An increasing percentage of what they report concerns virtual reality – VR – and artificial intelligence – AI.  I was curious about how those technologies would impact us, as humans, as well as our relationship to the environment around us.

The findings aren’t pretty.

Here are some thoughts coming largely from “D”, an incredibly insightful non-physical entity that my wife has been channeling for almost ten years.… Keep reading


When I began developing the Garden Atriums Sustainable Community, the dimensions (or aspects) of sustainability that I sought to address were all on the physical side of things … heating, cooling, power, water, air quality, etc. Then I had a “rude awakening”:  People who bought the houses didn’t buy because they were Net Zero in all those aspects.  They bought because they thought the homes were beautiful.

I kill myself to learn to create environments that are totally sustainable, and they buy because “they’re pretty”?… Keep reading

Non-Zero-Sum Living

Non-Zero-Sum Living is the

only way to save life on Earth


Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D.


I recently took a class that linked philosophy with movies. Given my interests in sustainability, my term paper wove movies with sustainability.

Zero-Sum situations are those which – as they say in “The Highlander” – are epitomized by the phrase, “There can be only one.” A gain for one person means a simultaneous and equal loss for another, so the sum is zero.  Sporting venues, elections, product manufacturers, romantic pursuits, spelling bees – contests of any kind – all carry with them great intrigue. … Keep reading

Remaking Schools

I believe the higher our level of education, the better our potential quality-of-life. In education, as in many realms, waves of a “better approach” tend to come and go.  While my doctorate is in what’s known as “organization development,” it was housed in a college of education, so I had to take several courses in education to satisfy requirements.  I became familiar with schools such as Summerhill, Waldorf or Montessori, and systems such as “contract learning.”  It’s a long blog, but here’s some 21st century thinking.… Keep reading