Climate Actions

Here’s a thoughtfully detailed report with specific actions we can each take to reverse the problems being caused by climate change. I like the specificity of the suggestions, and the separation into micro actions – that we can each take – and macro actions we can encourage governments to take.

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Six Critical Climate Actions You Can Take Right Now


Rainforest Alliance

July 8, 2019


Climate anxiety got you down? You probably already know that there is no better cure for anxiety than action—but it’s hard to know where to begin when you’re confronting a problem as enormous and complex as climate change.… Keep reading

Climate Crisis & Trees

You likely sensed that trees are both helpful for the environment and for our health. On our little 5-acre, 7-home garden atrium site, we’ve actually added over 200 trees … without in any way stressing our pocketbooks.  They add beauty and summertime shade, with very little demand for maintenance.  Now, some new research actually quantifies the beneficial effects of trees – without disturbing either farm land or urban land.

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Tree planting ‘has mind-blowing potential’ to tackle climate crisis


Research shows a trillion trees could be planted

to capture huge amount of carbon dioxide


Damian Carrington

The Guardian

4 Jul 2019


Planting billions of trees across the world is by far the biggest and cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis, according to scientists who have made the first calculation of how many more trees could be planted without encroaching on crop land or urban areas.… Keep reading

Banning Harmful Plastics

By now, you’ve likely heard or read reports of the problems created by many plastics. While plastic has been helpful in many ways – and there are many different types of plastic – the material has also been causing enormous problems in many parts od the world.

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Canada plans to ban ‘harmful’ single-use plastics by 2021


Ben Westcott


June 11, 2019




(CNN)Canada will ban many single-use plastic items by 2021, including bags, straws, cutlery and stirring sticks, to cut harmful waste damaging the country’s ecosystems.Keep reading

Earth is Now Greener

Here’s some positive news – and observations of ways we can change to protect and actually enhance our home, planet Earth.

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NASA Happily Reports the

Earth is Greener, with More

Trees Than 20 Years ago

Thanks to China, India


Good News Network

Feb 12, 2019

This research was published online

in the journal Nature Sustainability.


The world is literally a greener place than it was 20 years ago, and the data from NASA satellites has revealed a counterintuitive source for much of this new foliage: China and India.… Keep reading

Sustainability and Beauty

Here’s a change-of-pace blog, essentially an essay based on what I’ve experienced in creating and marketing a small development of Net Zero sustainable homes and on research I’ve done in a philosophy course. The question you might pose:


What has beauty got to do with sustainability?


Actually, I’m learning that it’s likely one of the key factors … and one you never see written in any sustainability literature.

Beginning with a couple of observations …

In the old paperback, “The Big Mac,” I recall Ray Kroc – who was going burger joint to burger joint selling milkshake makers – observing that the burger joint run by the MacDonald brothers was virtually the same as others along the same road, in terms of menu and prices, but was doing significantly more business. … Keep reading