Averting Climate Breakdown

Here’s a longer and more detailed blog. It’s not from a major publication or research report.  But it seems the result of considerable in-depth thought.  As you read through the 40 recommendations, with the detailed thought that accompanies them, think about which of those you might act on, personally.  Climate breakdown is no small matter.

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Averting Climate Breakdown by Restoring Ecosystems


A call to action


George Monbiot

natural climate



A recent estimate suggests that around one third of the greenhouse gas mitigation required between now and 2030 can be provided by carbon drawdown through Natural Climate Solutions.… Keep reading

More women say they won’t have kids

Here’s a major social phenomenon that seems a direct outgrowth of our corporate and political leaders’ refusal to acknowledge and address issues of climate change … citizens taking the future into their own hands. While western nations and japan are all experiencing declining populations, this trend may have an even greater impact on our futures.

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‘How could I bring

a child into the world?’

More women say climate change

means they won’t have kids


Elizabeth Weise


March 28, 2019


Though Laura Formisano says she never felt a huge desire to have children, she used to presume that would change.… Keep reading

“Forest Bathing”

One aspect of “Sustainable Living” is living in harmony with Earth – such as with solar heating, power, hot water, driving, etc. – and with permaculture food, toxin-free air and chemical-free water, etc.

However, another aspect is just as important to our quality-of-life experience.  In the 1980s, Japan discovered a process that reduces stress, increases health and longevity, and yields greater day-to-day life enjoyment.  They’ve named the process “Forest Bathing.”  It’s become a mainstay treatment in Japan and is spreading to many other countries. … Keep reading

Wisdom & Sustainable Living

Here’s an unusual blog, with quotes taken from a book about Native American culture.  I reflect on these quotes – especially in light of modern-day politics and our national and international cultures – and then reflect on what “sustainable living” might truly be about.

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The Wisdom

of the

Native Americans

                                                                           Kent Nerburn


(P.10) Silence meant to the Lakota what it meant to Disraeli when he said, “Silence is the mother of truth,” for the silent man was ever to be trusted, while the man ever ready with speech was never taken seriously.                       … Keep reading

Ikigai Philosophy

If you Google “sustainability” or even “net zero sustainable living,” virtually 100% of the items that turn up relate to energy. Yet, in differentiating “sustainability” from ”survival,” I found an entire non-physical dimension that defines “sustainable living” even more.  In fact, the #1 reason people gave me for why they bought one of our Garden Atrium homes was aesthetics, not renewable power or any other physical aspect.

I’ve now come to believe that “sustainable living” has to include living in harmony with Earth – which we can measure as Net Zero with regard to heating, cooling, power, water, food, etc.… Keep reading