King Tides

You’ve likely read about sea level rise and its impact on coastal communities. As most of the world lives within 50 miles of a sea or ocean, its impact will be widespread.  Despite all the warnings, many are waiting until the rise actually arrives.  It’s now arrived.  Here’s an article about what are called “King Tides” which are now flooding coastal communities – even if no storm is coming.  As it comes from a newspaper, some examples are based on the day the article was posted. … Keep reading

Greenland is Melting

The melting of glaciers – and accompanying sea level rise – may not seem like some major issue you need to address now … especially with all the concern about the Covid-19 pandemic and global economic recession. But something like 80% of Earth’s population lives within 50 miles of a sea.  Most our biggest cities are very near the sea.  And more and more cities are experiencing regular flooding, even without a major storm coming.  It’s no longer a problem “for some future generation.”  It’s here.  … Keep reading

Saving Our Home

At age 8, my parents shipped me off to a Canadian summer camp. (And I don’t know why, because I was a really well-behaved kid!)  From my very first canoe trip, I was taught:


“Always leave the campsite better than it

was when you got there. The campsite

might never be used by anyone else. And

if it is, they might not recognize or appreci-

ate the improvements you made. And if they

do, they still may not know it was you who

did it.Keep reading

Laughter & Sustainability

With all the concern surrounding the pandemic, the faltering economy, protest marches with accompanying conflict, the lack of enforcement of decades-old environmental laws, and politician’s blame games in an election year, our daily life experiences may not feel like fun. But … “sustainable living” is more than survival.

Here’s a report that directly links our quality-of-life experience and our longevity with laughter. (And that’s no joke!)  (Actually, one of Carl Reiner’s last tweets was about the 2016 election, not laughter.  But I don’t edit the articles and reports I use for blogs, so it’s included. … Keep reading

Humor – 2

Here’s a second round of thoughts about humor. This book is quite readable, with many brief examples … particularly about how humor heals.  If you ask people who care about sustainability, most would never include humor as a consideration.  Yet, it seems to be a quality that’s with us when we’re happy and is gone when we’re, for some reason, miserable.  Yet, I hadn’t thought of humor as an actual tool for enhancing our quality-of-life experience as well as our physical wellbeing. … Keep reading