Climate Migration

Here’s a lengthier blog than usual. And it’s not something you can do at your current home, like paint a wall, plant some shrubs, add photovoltaic panels or buy an electric car.  But it’s well-documented about a movement that’s not “forecast” but has already begun.  Comments afterward.

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Welcome to the Age of Climate Migration

Extreme weather due to climate change displaced more

than a million people from their homes last year.

It could soon reshape the nation


Jeff Goodell

Rolling Stone

February 25, 2018


Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas and Louisiana last August, causing $125 billion in damage, dumped more water out of the sky than any storm in U.S.… Keep reading

Safe, happy and free.

One of the best ways to begin solving problems is to first see if anyone else has already solved them. Certainly, times change and contexts vary, so solutions cannot often just be identically cloned.  But they do provide opportunities for learning.  Here’s a picture of a nation that believes it’s achieved considerable progress in the quality of life for all its citizenry.

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Safe, happy and free: does

Finland have all the answers?


Jon Henley in Helsinki


12 Feb 2018


Western Europe’s last naturally caused famine ended 150 years ago this winter.… Keep reading

1-Step to Great Water


Here’s an example of where science has produced a product that will help solve one of the biggest problems in sustainability: Finding a source for high-quality potable drinking water.  Given the problems many communities are having with contamination of their urban water quality – such as problems with lead or arsenic or mercury – this filtering system may be a huge benefit to millions … even those who live by the sea.

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Graphene filter makes even

Sydney Harbour water



Michael Irving

Nature Communications

February 15th, 2018


Among graphene’s long list of superpowers, filtering water may be one of the most directly beneficial.… Keep reading

Earth as Desert

Here’s a fairly solid study projecting outcomes our current trends will produce. Trends are curious, in a way.  When an event happens, that’s a concrete, observable, measurable phenomenon.  No dispute. It rained … see the video, see the rainwater measuring cup, talk to people who walked in it.

But a trend, as a projection of a series of concrete events … if you see 26 dots in a straight-line upward slope and you think you know where the 27th and 28th dots are very likely to be … is less concrete … and therefore more subject to people saying it’s not necessarily so … especially if it disrupts their comfortable lifestyle.… Keep reading

Senior Happiness

Here’s an interesting report from some research concerning the happiness (or unhappiness) of some extremely elderly people. Within the findings are lifestyle attitudes that might be good for everyone else, as well.

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Want to Be Happy?

Think Like an Old Person




Jonas Mekas turned 95 this year and won a lifetime achievement award in Frankfurt, Germany. Ping Wong, 92, learned new rules for playing mah-jongg. Helen Moses, who turned 93, mostly gave up talk of marrying Howie Zeimer, her steady companion of the last eight years.… Keep reading