Here’s a research report that lies at the heart of true “sustainable living.” It reflects the “in community” comments I’ve heard from many of the residents in our Garden Atriums Sustainable Community.

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The Neuroscience

of Compassion


Azriel ReShel

August 30th, 2017



Unlocking the Magic of Compassion

A recent flood near where I live put many people’s homes and businesses under three metres of water. The natural disaster left the community devastated, and left me scratching my head at the judgement that came from some people towards the victims of the flood.… Keep reading

Waste-Free Economy

Here’s an intriguing new perspective about a positive trend that’s already happening in many parts of our lives and will likely be spreading to more.

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How Netflix-ication Can Deliver

A Waste-Free Circular Economy


When products turn into services, the business

model isn’t about selling you the next widget.

It’s about longevity, repairability, and sustainability.


Ben Schiller

8 minute Read

world changing ideas



For roughly 120 years, music lovers liked to own what they listened to.… Keep reading

Truth Be Told

Years ago, information that was created to support a point of view, but was presented as reliable information, was known as “propaganda.” And when we wanted to know what was really going on in the world, we’d watch the evening news from the primary networks. Most of us saw Walter Cronkite as a reliable source of what was real.

Recently, when a few executives from Fox resigned, explaining that some of the news they were reporting was fabricated, it shattered the illusion that the mainstream media were the true source of truth.… Keep reading

Norway’s EVs

Here’s some refreshing information about what can be done when a population and its government “see the light” and begin doing things that bring about better air quality, less outdoor noise, and reduced transportation costs. Seeing what Norway is accomplishing at the same time as China is having to curtail airport traffic due to intense smog should give us a hint.

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Norway reaches rare mile-

stone of 100,000 all-electric

vehicles on the roads,

wants 400,000 by 2020


Fred Lambert  @FredericLambert

December 13


Norway, a global leader in electric vehicle adoption, announced that it reached the milestone of 100,000 all-electric vehicles on the roads – something only a few countries can claim and certainly none of the size of Norway (~5.2 million people).… Keep reading

Gas Decline

Here’s a recent article about the downward trend in gas consumption. It’s brief. And it had varying time lines in projections. But both see gas consumption diminishing. The biggest cause for the decrease: E-cars.

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 Is Gasoline Actually

Falling From Favor?


MIT Technology Review

22 Nov 2016


Gas may soon be past its peak. A new forecast by the International Energy Agency claims that global gasoline consumption for passenger vehicles will begin falling in the next five years.… Keep reading