Killing the Electric Car Market

Change is difficult. Changing from major things that have shaped and become a part of our lives is even more difficult.  No matter how positive the change appears to be, and no matter how many credible testimonials you see, making the change yourself is still difficult.

The future of cars is electric; make no mistake about that. Over half of all new car sales in Europe are already electric … and the number is growing.  Because of their deadly air pollution, even India and China are converting as fast as they can to electric, which lowers the price even more.… Keep reading

“Sustainable Living” Communication

Here’s an unusual blog that I’m authoring, personally.

While I have a doctorate, I don’t claim to be brilliant.  (Just ask people who know me!)  So … I continue learning by regularly taking courses in areas of current interest that were not part of my career-focused undergraduate or graduate education. Last semester, I took a course in “Sacred Communication” out of the philosophy department at Christopher Newport University.  For my term paper, I decided to focus on defining what communication is “sacred,” what is not, and … why that matters.… Keep reading

FedEx Goes Electric

A lot of people I know are waiting to see when driving electric vehicles becomes practical. With virtually all inventions, some want to be the “first on their block” to get it, and some wait until it’s “proven.”  When it comes to the thin screen TVs, the transition may give us better entertainment pleasure, but it doesn’t affect our ability to live sustainably.

I’ve had an electric car for about five years now. It’s fun to drive and far less expensive to drive and to maintain. … Keep reading


Here’s an interesting perspective about what’s needed to stop the dire consequences of global warming. As we’re already feeling the effects of increased frequency and severity of storms, it’s safe to say that global warming is no longer just a theoretical model to be debated.  However, I do have a few comments afterwards.

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Shell boss says mass reforestation needed to limit temperature rises to 1.5C


Adam Vaughan

The Guardian

9 Oct 2018


The boss of Shell has said a huge tree-planting

project the size of the Amazon rainforest

would be needed to meet a tougher global

warming target, as he argued more renew-

able energy alone would not be enough.Keep reading

Social Media Impacts

One of the major changes in our lives has been the widespread use of social media. Some hail it as a sign of low-cost global communication freedom. Some are concerned about what the positive and negative impacts might be. Here’s one study focused on the impact of social media on teenagers.

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Devices dominate teenagers’ social lives


Kim Hart

Common Sense Media

September 19, 2018Save

[Reproduced from “Social media, social life,”

Rideout, V., and Robb, M.… Keep reading