Social Media Impacts

One of the major changes in our lives has been the widespread use of social media. Some hail it as a sign of low-cost global communication freedom. Some are concerned about what the positive and negative impacts might be. Here’s one study focused on the impact of social media on teenagers.

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Devices dominate teenagers’ social lives


Kim Hart

Common Sense Media

September 19, 2018Save

[Reproduced from “Social media, social life,”

Rideout, V., and Robb, M.… Keep reading

Prescribing Play?

Here’s an unusual topic that, it turns out, seems to have direct bearing on “sustainable living,” because of the abilities that are developed through play.

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Kids are so over-scheduled

that doctors are being

told to prescribe play


Jenny Anderson


August 21, 2018


For many parents, back-to-school season incites a mad scramble to organize kids’ activities—from music lessons to math club and after-school tutoring. But a new policy report from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests we’d do better to pencil in big blocks of time devoted to nothing but free play.… Keep reading

Skim Reading

Here’s a powerful and fascinating array of solid research that examines the impact that our new communication media will have on our coming quality-of-life experience, our society and perhaps … even our entire civilization.

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Skim reading is the new normal.

The effect on society is profound


Maryanne Wolf

The Guardian

26 August 2018


When the reading brain skims texts, we don’t

have time to grasp complexity, to understand

another’s feelings or to perceive beauty.Keep reading

Why the Battery Hype?

The goal on the physical side of “sustainable living” is to live with what Earth provides, with the same or better quality-of-life experience. Being as nature provides amenities – sunlight, water, etc. – on its schedule, but we use those amenities on our schedule, we need to create systems that store overages when they occur – such as a rainstorm at 3:00 a.m. – and bring them back when it suits us – such as water for bathing and cooking after we arise. … Keep reading


We’re living in a time of great change. And when change occurs, the products and services that will be fading out don’t give up the ship.  When photovoltaic power became cheaper than coal a couple of years ago, it was a clear sign that coal, like buggy whips, would be fading from use.  Despite Trump’s efforts to bolster the coal industry, utilities are continuing to shut down coal-fired power plants.  Last year, Scotland closed its last one.

One of the arguments the fading energy source industries has been posing is that renewables fluctuate too much, thus inhibiting having a steady and stable power grid.… Keep reading