Waste World

When I was a kid, when my shoes wore out, we took them to a shoe repair shop for new heels or soles, because the leather part of the shoe was still in good condition. Then … along came Hush Puppies!  They were a lot cheaper, and when they wore out, we’d just throw them away.  As a kid, I never thought about big picture concepts such as “the disposable economy.”  Neither did my parents.  In fact, I’m not sure how many of us today think about the implications of the concept. … Keep reading

White Supremacy & Sustainable Living

Here’s an unusual report that, on the surface, might cause us to wonder what white supremacy has to do with “Sustainable Living.” Yet, it’s a very important question to ponder.  First the article, then some comments.

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Marshall Cohen


April 4, 2019


Washington (CNN) FBI Director Christopher Wray said Thursday that white supremacy presents a “persistent” and “pervasive” threat to the United States, breaking from President Donald Trump, who has sidestepped questions of whether white nationalists present a growing problem.… Keep reading

Disaster Frequency is Increasing

When we’re gripped by fear, we hunker down and often abandon our problem-solving abilities. Climate crises are serious business!  We’re literally talking about our ability to sustain life on this planet.  Yet …

I’ve tried to be careful about presenting research-based information in a way that inspires positive corrective action.  I believe we’ve made some adjustments.  But I also see resistance to change.  In the time it took me to complete a 7-home Net Zero sustainable community, hundreds of thousands of non-sustainable homes were built and sold.… Keep reading

Renewable Power Milestone

Everyone – except people in the fossil fuel business, of course, wants to see cleaner energy, less expensive energy, more reliable energy. Here’s a status report that gives us a sense of what’s happening … not “likely to happen” or “will hopefully happen,” but is already happening … now.

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This exciting new international report shows that renewable energy now accounts for one-third of all global power capacity.


Good News Network

April 9, 2019


The decade-long trend of strong growth in renewable energy capacity continued in 2018 with global additions of 171 gigawatts, according to new data released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) earlier this week.… Keep reading

Killing the Electric Car Market

Change is difficult. Changing from major things that have shaped and become a part of our lives is even more difficult.  No matter how positive the change appears to be, and no matter how many credible testimonials you see, making the change yourself is still difficult.

The future of cars is electric; make no mistake about that. Over half of all new car sales in Europe are already electric … and the number is growing.  Because of their deadly air pollution, even India and China are converting as fast as they can to electric, which lowers the price even more.… Keep reading