The time leading to the coming election has become tense and uncomfortable for many people. The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, the protests of the Proud Boys and other armed groups, the high rates of unemployment, climate protests, and the divisiveness of the political campaigns combine to make our lives uneasy.

In addition, the U.S. is the most diverse nation on Earth. Our population comes from waves of immigration that have happened over a few hundred years.  My spouse and I enjoy hiking, and have been to all seven continents and scores of countries;  none are anywhere near as diverse as ours. … Keep reading

Preserving Our World

Here’s a perspective from the Dalai Lama that’s really suitable for all of us, all over our planet, and in our time. Underlying all of our contemporary technology is an essential attitude that’s at the heart of what I’m coming to call “Sustainable Living.”  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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We Must Act As One To

Preserve Our World




JULY 10, 2020


This planet is our only home. Environmental experts say that over the next few decades, global warming will reach such a level that many water resources will go dry.… Keep reading

Nature & Pandemics

Here’s a report by a sizeable group of global scientists that links environmental health with pandemics.  As you read it, it makes all sorts of sense.  It does imply a need for major shifts in our lifestyle – though I believe those shifts will lead us to a better quality of life experience.  Comments follow.

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Halt destruction of nature or suffer even worse pandemics, say world’s top scientists


Exclusive: only one species is responsible for

coronavirus – humans – say world’s leading wildlife experts


Damian Carrington Environment editor

The Guardian

27 Apr 2020


The coronavirus pandemic is likely to be followed by even more deadly and destructive disease outbreaks unless their root cause – the rampant destruction of the natural world – is rapidly halted, the world’s leading biodiversity experts have warned.… Keep reading

Sacrificing for Sustainable Living

This blog is not from a research report. It’s my sharing of an eye-opening experience I just had.  We regularly give a couple tours of home and site a week for people who want to experience total sustainable living.  Some are individuals, some couples, some organized groups, such as a garden club or the Sierra Club, and some are high school or university classes.  We recently had a husband-wife tour experience with a startling conclusion …

As I completed showing our home and site to the couple, and were standing in the atrium, near the front door, I asked if they had any final questions or comments.… Keep reading

E-Car Charging Station

A century ago, when Henry Ford’s production line process made cars affordable to everyone, we needed an infrastructure to provide gas, so we could drive all over our cities and all over the country. The cost of that infrastructure – with the small building, repair facilities, underground gas storage tanks, and gas pumps – was considerable.

Now, with the transition to electric cars, you see the continuing decline of gas stations and a growing proliferation of e-car recharging stations, for which the infrastructure cost is far less … as is their environmental impact.… Keep reading