Even more reasons to go EV

We’ve had previous blogs about electric cars, and I don’t want to rehash what I’ve already posted. However, this recent article includes links to resources that can (1) cut the cost of buying an EV, (2) make recharging easier, and (3) slash car maintenance costs.  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Government incentives and charging stations are considerations for the climate-conscious consumer


Sarah Kaplan

The Washington Post

March 30, 2021


Here’s a fun fact:


The transportation sector is the biggest source

of planet-warming emissions in the United States.Keep reading

Solar-Powered Cars

Generically, a car is simply “personal transportation.” It enables us to go where we wish, when we wish, and … with multiple models available … in a style that’s most comfortable to us.  The problem:  most cars are powered by fossil fuels, which are destroying our ability to sustain life on Earth.  Clearly, a solar-powered car would give us the same transportation convenience without damaging our planet.  However …

Corporations that have made a living producing and selling gas-powered cars are not going to abandon what’s made them successful.… Keep reading

Empathy & Sustainability

Years ago, one of my mentors, a behavioral scientist, told me that he’d never met anyone (i.e. me) who had no empathy skills. He also said he wasn’t trying to be nasty, but was just describing a skill.  He asked me,

“How do you respond when someone’s

in a difficult situation?”

I replied,

“I try to think of what I would

do if I were in their shoes.”

Then he said,

“That’s sympathy. Empathy is understanding

how the other person feels in their shoes.” 

My response was,

“How do I know how that

person feels in some situation?”


My response proved his point!… Keep reading

Ishmael- 2

Continuing with this series of excerpts these open with a huge perspective.  I wanted to bold some of the passages I think are of immense importance, but I left copy as it was.  Again, comments from Ishmael are in blue.



                                                                        Part 2 of 4


(P. 100) “A century ago the would-be aeronauts of the world were in exactly the same condition with learning how to fly. Do you see why?”

“No, I don’t see what aeronauts have to do with it.” 

“It was far from certain that the knowledge these would-be aeronauts were looking for existed at all.Keep reading



                                                                      Daniel Quinn


Following excerpts from “Ishmael,” a creative non-fiction book, have a profound perspective of Sustainable Living. The novel features conversations between the author, the book written in first person, and Ishmael, a gorilla who was taught to speak. The excerpts, of varying length and plucked from a series of dialogues, may feel a bit choppy. Ishmael comments are typed in blue. For reading convenience, I’ve broken the review into four blog-length segments. Here’s the first; I’ll add an Epilog after the fourth.… Keep reading