Ishmael- 2

Continuing with this series of excerpts these open with a huge perspective.  I wanted to bold some of the passages I think are of immense importance, but I left copy as it was.  Again, comments from Ishmael are in blue.



                                                                        Part 2 of 4


(P. 100) “A century ago the would-be aeronauts of the world were in exactly the same condition with learning how to fly. Do you see why?”

“No, I don’t see what aeronauts have to do with it.” 

“It was far from certain that the knowledge these would-be aeronauts were looking for existed at all.Keep reading



                                                                      Daniel Quinn


Following excerpts from “Ishmael,” a creative non-fiction book, have a profound perspective of Sustainable Living. The novel features conversations between the author, the book written in first person, and Ishmael, a gorilla who was taught to speak. The excerpts, of varying length and plucked from a series of dialogues, may feel a bit choppy. Ishmael comments are typed in blue. For reading convenience, I’ve broken the review into four blog-length segments. Here’s the first; I’ll add an Epilog after the fourth.… Keep reading

Vigorous Climate Change Action Needed Soon

I’m in the process of reading Ishmael, an easy-to-read fictional paperback that’s really getting to the underlying essence of the environmental problems we’re facing. And by analogy it’s illustrating how the problem is actually increasing exponentially.

Meanwhile, the following essay, which also looks at the big picture roots of the problem we’re facing, popped up in my data searches. One of the (initially startling) things I’ve learned is, “There are no accidents … none.”  While there’s a lot of fear from all sorts of causes going around right now, I’m not intending to add to the pile. … Keep reading


The time leading to the coming election has become tense and uncomfortable for many people. The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, the protests of the Proud Boys and other armed groups, the high rates of unemployment, climate protests, and the divisiveness of the political campaigns combine to make our lives uneasy.

In addition, the U.S. is the most diverse nation on Earth. Our population comes from waves of immigration that have happened over a few hundred years.  My spouse and I enjoy hiking, and have been to all seven continents and scores of countries;  none are anywhere near as diverse as ours. … Keep reading

Preserving Our World

Here’s a perspective from the Dalai Lama that’s really suitable for all of us, all over our planet, and in our time. Underlying all of our contemporary technology is an essential attitude that’s at the heart of what I’m coming to call “Sustainable Living.”  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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We Must Act As One To

Preserve Our World




JULY 10, 2020


This planet is our only home. Environmental experts say that over the next few decades, global warming will reach such a level that many water resources will go dry.… Keep reading