Bottled Water Ecosystem Impact

“Water is Destiny” is a recurring phrase in sustainability.  Without sufficient water, we can’t produce the food we need.  And our very bodies are made up mostly of water, such that dehydration leads to major ailments.  Recalling western movies in which ranchers often fought for water rights, we’re seeing the same situation between nations.  Here’s a report that takes the water shortage phenomenon to our personal scale.  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Environmental impact of bottled water ‘up to 3,500 times greater than tap water’


Researchers in Barcelona also found

impact of bottled water on ecosystems was

1,400 times higher than that of tap water


Joey Grostern

The Guardian

5 Aug 2021


The impact of bottled water on natural resources is 3,500 times higher than for tap water, scientists have found.… Keep reading

Eating for Sustainable Living

Well, NOAA reports that the CO2 level is now higher than it’s been in 800,000 years.  Certainly I can think of ways to reduce my contribution to that number.  But I feel as though my efforts might be analogous to the impact of a flea on an elephant’s behind.  However, as “Sustainable Living” includes both longevity and our quality-of-life experience, here’s a report about proven food habits we can all follow that will have a direct, measurable, and positive effect on our lives. … Keep reading

Coming Climate Change Impacts

We’ve all been inundated with climate information, with a variety of pro’s and con’s.  We know, for a fact, that unprecedented amounts of wildfires are raging in many places of the world – even in Siberia!  I’m in southeastern Virginia, and we’ve had no wildfires here.  But for me to pretend that it could never happen here is foolish!

I hate putting out information that may have a “doom & gloom” quality, as opposed to information about what we can each do to enjoy a better quality-of-life experience and contribute to a healthier planet. … Keep reading

Death by Covid

My blogs have focused on aspects of sustainable living, and have been more trend-related than tied to finite one-of-a-kind events.  This report, while focused on vaccinations and Covid deaths, provides a relevant example of how we might make life-style change decisions towards living more sustainably.

We all seek comfort.  In our room temperature, in the foods we eat, in the work we do, etc.  We know that how we’re living – as a global collective whole – is destroying life on Earth … initially for many species and eventually for us. … Keep reading

Tiny Forests

My goal for doing these blogs is to raise awareness related to sustainability and “Sustainable Living.”  In addition, I like to include suggestions for actions that individuals can take to make a positive difference … rather than waiting for governments to act.  Here’s a new phenomenon that’s now springing up in several cities and countries, and that all of us can use.

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Can Tiny Forests Breathe

Fresh Air Into Our Cities?


Selma Franssen


May.… Keep reading