Lifesaving Food

Here’s some straight-forward, practical, easy-to-do information that can help us live healthier, fuller lives … prerequisite to “sustainable living.”

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The lifesaving food 90% aren’t eating enough of


James Gallagher

Health and science correspondent

BBC News

11 January 2019


If I offered you a superfood that would make

you live longer, would you be interested?


Naturally it reduces the chances of debilitating heart attacks and strokes as well as life-long diseases such as type-2 diabetes.… Keep reading

Everyday Toxic Threats

Here’s a somewhat alarming report about toxics in everyday products – but also – detailed explanations and what each of us can do to avoid the toxins and bolster our health.

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Explained: the toxic threat in everyday products, from toys to plastic


Thousands of potentially harmful chemicals are in products

ranging from toys to plastic and carpets in the US


Lauren Zanolli and Mark Oliver

The Guardian

22 May 2019


Synthetic chemicals are in nearly everything we touch and consume.… Keep reading

Diets & Longevity

Here’s some new data about how our usual dietary intake can improve both our everyday health and the more positive feeling we have then – a part of “sustainable living” – as well increased longevity.

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Bad diets killing more people globally than tobacco, study finds


Eating and drinking better could prevent

one in five early deaths, researchers say.


Sarah Boseley Health editor

The Guardian

3 Apr 2019


Unhealthy diets are responsible for 11m preventable deaths globally per year, more even than smoking tobacco, according to a major study.… Keep reading

Usable Groundwater

Virtually every community in the U.S. relies on groundwater for its water resources. You’ve likely seen articles in recent years about a community running out of water – at least temporarily, until the next rain came.  Or testing may have discovered toxins in your water.  Both instances were portrayed as anomalies … extreme situations unlikely to occur again.  However, political leaders necessarily need to paint the picture that way, or they might cause fear and a lack of confidence in their local political leadership.… Keep reading




Here’s an interesting article that actually holds more promise than the article implies. As photovoltaic power became less expensive than coal, the source that began the industrial revolution centuries ago is declining in use.  Regardless of how much money the owners give the politicians, coal plants are still closing.

From a perspective of economic wellbeing, the Appalachian region may finally have a growth industry that’s a lot cleaner and healthier for the workers than coal has ever been.

Even more important: One of the most important aspects on the physical side of sustainability is food. … Keep reading