Here’s some very useful information about what to do when heat waves arrive – which are likely to occur soon.

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How to prepare cities

and citizens for more

killer heat waves


As climate change takes hold,

researchers are exploring what it

will take for communities to adapt.


James Temple

MIT Technology Review

May 2, 2018


Heat waves are among the world’s deadliest natural disasters, killing more Americans than hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes combined.… Keep reading


Here’s some news that may have great benefits for us as individuals, as well as for our environment: oat milk. Many people seem to increasingly need to avoid dairy products for a variety of reasons, such as its arthritis impact.  If you like cream in coffee, then almond milk has become popular.  Now, here’s a new product that has benefits for our body, excellent taste, and has environmental benefits, too.

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This Amazing New Milk Is

Going to Change Everything


It doesn’t hurt cows,

guzzle water, or ruin the soil.

Keep reading

Younger blood vessels

Here’s a simple, practical system for improving the physical aspect of our quality-of-life experience … a kind of prerequisite to “sustainable living.”

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Novel antioxidant makes old

blood vessels seem young again


Science News

from research organizations

 April 19, 2018

University of Colorado at Boulder



 Older adults who take a novel antioxidant

that specifically targets cellular powerhouses,

or mitochondria, see age-related vascular

changes reverse by the equivalent of 15 to

20 years within six weeks, according to

new University of Colorado Boulder research.Keep reading

Plastics in bottled water

You’ve likely read about the enormous areas in the Pacific Ocean that are like floating islands of trash larger than the size of Spain. Much of that trash is composed of plastic bottles.  To compound the problem, we’re now finding that within these plastic water bottles are articles of plastic that we consume with the water.  Some suggestions follow the article.

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 Plastic particles found in bottled water


David Shukman, Science editor,

BBC News


Tests on major brands of bottled water have found that

nearly all of them contained tiny particles of plastic.Keep reading

A Breath of Fresh Air

Air quality is one of the most overlooked aspects of sustainable living. Unless the air in which we live stinks, is thick with smog or smoke, causes us to cough or sneeze or to have watery eyes, we assume it’s OK.

Not necessarily so.

We all have immune systems that are designed to protect our health. And if we overtax our system in one way or another, our body responds in a number of ways … rashes, coughing, shortness of breath, headaches, etc.… Keep reading