One of the most critical aspects on the physical side of sustainability is food. And without healthy soil, we’ll not have healthy food … much less sufficient food.  Here’s a report concerning our global soil condition – and … two invitations afterwards for blog readers.

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Third of Earth’s soil is acutely

degraded due to agriculture

Fertile soil is being lost at rate of 24bn tonnes a year through in-

tensive farming as demand for food increases, says UN-backed study


Jonathan Watts

12 September 2017

The Guardian


A third of the planet’s land is severely degraded and fertile soil is being lost at the rate of 24bn tonnes a year, according to a new United Nations-backed study that calls for a shift away from destructively intensive agriculture.… Keep reading

Cream, anyone?

Here’s a product announcement that’s an excellent example of something we use on a regular basis that can be equal to or better in quality – and – much more Earth friendly, in having zero bi-product waste.

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Scientists just


coffee creamer


 Brittany A. Roston

Aug 18, 2017

SOURCE: Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg


Coffee, America’s favorite beverage, just got a little more convenient thanks to some food scientists with Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU).… Keep reading

Reinventing Rice

The biggest issue on the physical side of sustainability isn’t power – which is where virtually all the responses go when you Google “Sustainability.” We can just add PV panels until we’re Net Zero.  The problem is food.  And climate change makes feeding our world population more difficult.  Here’s an interesting report about efforts to address how we’ll feed the world.

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Reinventing Rice for a World

Transformed by Climate Change


UC Davis plant geneticist Pamela Ronald wants to

create rice varieties that can survive in harsher

conditions, including more frequent droughts.

Keep reading

Food Innovation

When you Google “sustainability” or even “Net Zero Sustainability,” all the sites point to energy. Yet, from experience in developing a sustainable community, energy is the easiest to address; just keep adding PV panels until you’re at 100%. The real issue is food. Throughout history, civilizations collapse when they can’t feed their populations.

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Switzerland tops world innovation index;

India and other emerging markets

on the rise – UN agency

Switzerland tops world innovation index;

India and other emerging markets on the rise – UN agency

Innovation is a key development tool that could boost economies and provide a way out of the growing squeeze on the world’s food resources – one of the major challenges of the 21st century – according to a new United Nations report.… Keep reading

Healthy Soil

While mainstream media focuses on energy, the biggest issue in sustainability, unquestionably, is food. Here are some excellent findings about what’s really needed to feed our world.  While the article and research look at farms run by full-time farmers, you can scale the information down to your own home garden, as well.

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Healthy soil is the real key

to feeding the world


April 3, 2017

The Conversation

David R. Montgomery


One of the biggest modern myths about agriculture is that organic farming is inherently sustainable.… Keep reading