Soils Underpin Life

Our food … is dependent on the quality of our soil. I recall a farmer with a degree in permaculture telling me that if the nutrient qualities we need are not in the soil, then no matter how well we grow our food, we won’t satisfy the nutritional needs our bodies require.  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Global soils underpin life

but future looks ‘bleak’,

warns UN report


It takes thousands of years for soils to form,

meaning protection is needed urgently, say scientists


Damian Carrington Environment editor



4 Dec 2020


Global soils are the source of all life on land but their future looks “bleak” without action to halt degradation, according to the authors of a UN report.… Keep reading

Sear Rice

While mainstream media tends to focus more on electrical power and fossil fuel emissions, underneath it all, for us to sustain, we need to eat. And starvation is growing in increasing parts of the world.  The amount of land used for farming is shrinking, as are farmers’ livelihoods.  Then we add concerns about the health impacts of chemicals used for fertilizers, or the effect of genetically-modified seeds.  This discovery may have huge impact on our ability to provide healthful food for our population. … Keep reading

Beating Cancer with Green Tea

As “Sustainable Living” necessarily includes healthful living, in addition to providing homes with net zero systems for electricity and water, and ensuring better indoor air quality, here’s some news about an ancient, proven way to stave off cancer. I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Green Tea Compound Could Hold the Key to Beating Cancer, says Compelling New Study of “EGCG”


Good News Network

21 Feb 2021


Green tea has been consumed in China for 4,000 years — and one of its compounds may hold the key to staving off cancer, according to compelling new research.… Keep reading

Millions Going Hungry

I have a friend who took a cruise last winter, got Covid-19, and was in the hospital in very serious condition for five months. Many people still don’t believe the pandemic is real – or – that it produces the catastrophic effects reported, as many of their friends test positive but are without any symptoms … so why wear masks?  Many of us have to experience a problem before its reality hits home and we take action.

I believe the biggest threat to sustainability is food – its availability and our ability to pay for it.… Keep reading

Feeding America

One of the problems in causing a transition to sustainable living is asking people to make a lifestyle commitment that’s simply different than their current one. While they might not rate their current lifestyle as “fantastic,” changing to an unknown feels risky. While an increasing number of people now believe that global warming is real, because they’re experiencing it, many climate deniers still exist. Similarly, while food shortages are projected, people may not address this issue until they actually experience it.… Keep reading