Sever Food Supply Threat

We’ve previously blogged reports regarding food supply and food health. Most sustainability-related articles in the mainstream media focus on energy, fossil fuels, climate change, etc.  But, on the physical side of sustainability, nothing is as important to our future as a supply of healthful food.  Here’s a new UN research report, based on data from 91 countries.  While I steer away from fear-based scare tactics, we do need to be aware of this problem, so we have time to take corrective measures.… Keep reading

Diets & Longevity

Here’s some new data about how our usual dietary intake can improve both our everyday health and the more positive feeling we have then – a part of “sustainable living” – as well increased longevity.

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Bad diets killing more people globally than tobacco, study finds


Eating and drinking better could prevent

one in five early deaths, researchers say.


Sarah Boseley Health editor

The Guardian

3 Apr 2019


Unhealthy diets are responsible for 11m preventable deaths globally per year, more even than smoking tobacco, according to a major study.… Keep reading

Seaweed Straws

Well, polluting our vast oceans may be “the last straw” that breaks the back of our global ecosystem. But at least here’s one new unique option to remedy a situation that has grown to global epidemic proportions in polluting our oceans and killing sea life.

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Seaweed straws could

soon replace single-use

plastic straws


“Single use plastics should never be built to

last; they should be designed to disappear.”


Ashley Curtin

NationofChange/News Report

March 15, 2019


In an effort to phase-out single-use plastic straws and curb the effects that plastics have on climate change, one company came up with an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic straws.… Keep reading

Sustainable Rice

Rice has been the world’s biggest food staple for centuries. And it’s a major food export from the U.S.  However … rice consumes a lot of water!  And the emissions from rice fields do have a sizeable impact on climate change.  Here’s a positive article about a new way for growing rice – one that’s far more sustainable and more profitable for the rice farmers.  I’ll add suggestions afterwards.

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The miracle method for sustainable rice that scientists dismissed


A technique developed by a Jesuit priest is pro-

ducing bigger harvests – and reducing emissions

of a crop responsible for 1.5% of greenhouse gases


John Vidal

in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

The Guardian

30 Jan 2019


The fragrant jasmine rice growing on the left side of Kreaougkra Junpeng’s five-acre field stands nearly five feet tall.… Keep reading

Global Food Security

One of the sustainability issues that’s rarely reported in the mainstream media is food insecurity. Migrants are risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean.  And thousands fleeing Venezuela are not just escaping cruel dictators;  they’re starving!  Here’s some new research about the problem … along with suggestions of what you can do on an individual basis to address the issue.  Most of the readers of these blogs can’t believe it can actually happen where you live.  And that leaves us vulnerable. … Keep reading