Healthy Soil

While mainstream media focuses on energy, the biggest issue in sustainability, unquestionably, is food. Here are some excellent findings about what’s really needed to feed our world.  While the article and research look at farms run by full-time farmers, you can scale the information down to your own home garden, as well.

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Healthy soil is the real key

to feeding the world


April 3, 2017

The Conversation

David R. Montgomery


One of the biggest modern myths about agriculture is that organic farming is inherently sustainable.… Keep reading

Soil ‘booster shots’

Here’s a remarkable finding about ways to turn not-so-fertile soil into rich, productive soil. On a mega-scale, this could truly help ease the food-related sustainability crisis.  On a personal scale, if you’ve had difficulty growing foods you want in your garden, this could be a simple, inexpensive solution.

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Soil ‘booster shots’ could

turn barren lands green


Elizabeth Pennisi

Jul. 11, 2016


Want to make your barren yard lush again?

Just add a bit of soil from your local meadow.… Keep reading


Here’s a potential solution to the biggest sustainability problem we face: food!  The media focus on energy.  If you Google “Net Zero Sustainability,” everything links to energy.  But starvation (and unrest) is spreading, globally.  Even in the western hemisphere, Caracas, Venezuela, has reports of a “Mad Max” environment;  they’re out of food.  And in North America, our southwest is drying up.  Here’s a report on a really hardy and nutrition-rich grain that does well with a fraction of the water.

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Scientists go against the grain to make Dubai an unlikely quinoa hotspot

With groundwater stores drying up in the Middle East

and staple crops under pressure, quinoa is the focus

of a bold experiment to improve food security.Keep reading

Food Fights!

For many years now, I’ve seen futurists (and remote viewers) forecast “depopulation” – primarily caused by starvation and, as has happened in history, epidemic. I’ve read many reports about how China cannot feed its population, and is buying farmland in southeast Asia and Africa on which to grow food they can ship back to China.  Many areas in Africa have had extensive drought, and now suffer from starvation.  In places such as Syria, a high percent of the population now suffers from starvation. … Keep reading

Bee Resurgence

Here’s some new data that each of us can follow, to help the resurgence of bees – and subsequently – our ability to pollenate all sorts of plants, for the food and the landscapes we need to live sustainably.

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European Scientists Discover Bee

Resurgence After Banning These

3 Pesticides Still Used in The US


Healthy Holistic Living


Whether or not Einstein equated bee extinction to human extinction has been challenged and perhaps debunked.… Keep reading