Mandatory Solar

The process author Naisbitt used in identifying his “MegaTrends”, involved tracking column-inches of articles, by topic and over time, in five “bell-weather” states. He found that all major changes in the U.S. began in those five states.  California is most often cited for new trends.  Here’s one that, like it or not, may be spreading.  And from the results already measured, the outcomes seem to be quite positive – in terms of sustainable living.

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Mandatory Solar on Newly

Built Roofs Could Be Coming

To All of California


The city supervisor who wrote the policy for San Fran-

cisco is bringing the concept to the state legislature.Keep reading

Cheapest Power

None of us want to pay a penny more for power than we have to. Now, forgetting all the benefits of carbon reduction or clean air, clean solar power has just become the cheapest form of energy generation.

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Solar power is now the cheapest form

of energy in almost 60 countries

We just hit a major turning point.



23 DEC 2016


It’s official: solar became the cheapest source of new energy in lower-income countries this year, giving both companies and governments alike another reason to ditch coal and gas for renewables.… Keep reading

PV World Record

When our first Garden Atrium sustainable home was completed in 2002, we had 72 2’x4’ photovoltaic panels on the roof, providing the 3 kW we estimated would provide 100% of the home’s power needs. The next three Garden Atriums have 24 PV panels – to provide the same 3 kW. And the last three have 14 panels to provide the same 3 kW.

Efficiency keeps climbing and cost, naturally, keeps dropping. Recently, PV power became less expensive than coal, which is why coal companies are closing and PV companies keep expanding.… Keep reading

Healthier Cities

As “sustainable living” also means more joyous living, here are some findings about what makes some cities more joyous … and healthier … than others.

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Big cities healthier?

How some cities make life

better, study says

Big cities healthier?

Having sidewalks to walk on and

access to parks and good public transport

makes for happier city residents, a new survey says. 

Zhai Yun Tan

October 12, 2016

Christian Science Monitor


Big cities are usually associated with cramped spaces, polluted air, and clogged up roads.… Keep reading

Tree Planting

Well, no one is against having trees, per se. But it seems to be accomplishing more than people had intended or even envisioned.

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How millions of trees

brought a broken

landscape back to life


After 25 years, the decision to site the National

Forest amid derelict coal and quarry

workings has borne spectacular fruit.


6 August 2016

The Guardian

Twenty-five years ago, the Midlands villages of Moira, Donisthorpe and Overseal overlooked a gruesome landscape.… Keep reading