Here’s an unusual piece of research that challenges the myth that open offices yield higher levels of communication and collaboration. In “Ye Olde days,” when most employees had their own office, the “Word” was that open office partitions led to greater collaboration and teamwork … and could allow a company greater flexibility to readily change layouts if the company were to grow or reorganize.

After a few years, people discovered that virtually no one ever changed the office layout. the flexibility myth died. … Keep reading

Smartphones & Energy

Here’s an article about a way to save money – at a personal scale – while helping our planet … at a macro scale.

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Smartphones Are Killing The Planet

Faster Than Anyone


 Researchers are sounding the alarm after an analysis

showed that buying a new smartphone consumes as much

energy as using an existing phone for an entire decade.


By Mark Wilson




Before you upgrade your next iPhone, you may want to consider a $29 battery instead.… Keep reading

Great Streets

Our physical environments can contribute mightily to the joy of sustainable living. Here are some excerpts from Allan Jacobs’ “Great Streets” – paraphrased, as necessary – that you may find helpful in enhancing your immediate or urban environment.

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 Guidelines for Great Streets

They are where you meet people – which is the reason for communities. It’s to be part of something that’s larger than oneself.  The interplay of human activity with the physical space has an enormous amount to do with the greatness of the street.… Keep reading

Tesla’s Solar Roof

I enjoy the way in which Elon Musk is pushing the envelope, constantly exploring new ways to improve how we live. I’m not sure how his interstellar Mars-like explorations will play out, but I like the fact that he “walks the talk,” puts his money where his mouth is, and is actively “exploring possibilities.”

From a sustainability perspective, photovoltaic panels passed coal as the least expensive method for generating power. And driving electric cars is not only less expensive, but it’ll dramatically improve air quality (and reduce respiratory problems,) as well. … Keep reading

Mandatory Solar

The process author Naisbitt used in identifying his “MegaTrends”, involved tracking column-inches of articles, by topic and over time, in five “bell-weather” states. He found that all major changes in the U.S. began in those five states.  California is most often cited for new trends.  Here’s one that, like it or not, may be spreading.  And from the results already measured, the outcomes seem to be quite positive – in terms of sustainable living.

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Mandatory Solar on Newly

Built Roofs Could Be Coming

To All of California


The city supervisor who wrote the policy for San Fran-

cisco is bringing the concept to the state legislature.Keep reading