Easy In-Home Changes

When I first decided to create homes that operated 100% with what nature provided, I found that the cost to convert existing homes – which pay no attention to north-south orientation – would cost far more to achieve the same end-result. So I initiated Garden Atriums as a net zero sustainable community.  And that effort has been wonderfully successful.  Yet, there are millions of existing homes – and even new homes built by traditional builders – that might also make modifications that improve their sustainability.… Keep reading

Beauty is Key


These blogs have focused on “Sustainable Living,” which is independent of short-term events. However, the coronavirus pandemic presents an example of what happens when widespread fear, pessimism, discomfort surface.  In the film, “Hit Man’s Bodyguard,” is a comedic phrase that actually has great meaning:

“When life gives you shit, you make Kool-Aid.”

When some great reward comes our way, it’s easy to be joyful.  The challenge is being able to be genuinely joyful even in a down economy or amid a pandemic. … Keep reading

Longevity and the Arts

Here’s an unusual piece of research that directly bears on “Sustainable Living” … and particularly on Quality-of-Life considerations.

I think we can all say that “beauty is a good thing” whether expressed in a painting or work of literature or through music. And while some paintings or music appeal to me, while others don’t, and while we each will likely differ on which pieces of art we personally value, the research simply included any and all participation in “the arts.”

What I didn’t expect was statistically-supported evidence between our experience in one form or another in the arts and our longevity.… Keep reading

Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

 Given the enormous volume of plastics that are polluting our oceans and sitting in landfills almost on a permanent basis, coming up with plastic packaging that’s convenient, inexpensive, and Earth-friendly is a huge positive development. The article features one person’s invention, then mentions others, as well.

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Margarita Talep develops

algae-based alternative to

single-use plastic packaging


Natashah Hitti


18 January 2019


Chile-based designer Margarita Talep has created a sustainable, biodegradable alternative to single-use packaging, using raw material extracted from algae.… Keep reading


 Here’s an unusual piece of research that challenges the myth that open offices yield higher levels of communication and collaboration. In “Ye Olde days,” when most employees had their own office, the “Word” was that open office partitions led to greater collaboration and teamwork … and could allow a company greater flexibility to readily change layouts if the company were to grow or reorganize.

After a few years, people discovered that virtually no one ever changed the office layout. the flexibility myth died. … Keep reading