Monarch Butterflies

Here’s a report about a California butterfly that may have major implications for all of us.

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Study: Number of monarch butterflies in California declined by 86 percent in one year


Michelle Robertson, SFGATE

Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle

January 6, 2019


If you enjoy watching the annual migration of the western monarch along the California coast you have probably already seen the signs of trouble in recent years. Numbers have declined precipitously over the last two decades and extinction looks increasingly likely.… Keep reading

Coal & Health

Here’s a problem affecting sustainability.  I don’t to see the problem in political terms as much as in sustainability terms.  The headline is alarming, but the information we’ll provide after the article is solid.  We need to first understanding the problem – which impacts more than our home or our site – then look at ways to address it.

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Trump EPA finds new

way to poison your kids

Proposed rule would expose children to vast amounts

of mercury, arsenic, and air toxics from coal plants.Keep reading

U.N. Climate Report

Here’s a report from the U.N. based on input from a huge number of nations as well as scientific measurements. While futures forecasts aren’t guarantees, and while I try to avoid alarmism – as it inhibits our capacity to simply address and solve problems – the report does provide a perspective about the breadth of what’s happening, and about specific areas that most need to be assessed and addressed.

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Nature’s ‘alarming’ decline threatens food, water, energy: U.N.

Keep reading

“Sustainable Living” Communication

Here’s an unusual blog that I’m authoring, personally.

While I have a doctorate, I don’t claim to be brilliant.  (Just ask people who know me!)  So … I continue learning by regularly taking courses in areas of current interest that were not part of my career-focused undergraduate or graduate education. Last semester, I took a course in “Sacred Communication” out of the philosophy department at Christopher Newport University.  For my term paper, I decided to focus on defining what communication is “sacred,” what is not, and … why that matters.… Keep reading

Saving Bees with Mushrooms

Here’s an unusual article about something we might dismiss as non-essential to “Sustainable Living.” However, over a third of our food supply is dependent on bees.  Comments afterwards about what we might do, individually.

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The mushroom dream of a ‘long-haired hippie’ could help save the world’s bees


Evan Bush

The Seattle Times

Oct. 6, 2018


SEATTLE—The epiphany that mushrooms could help save the world’s ailing bee colonies struck Paul Stamets while he was in bed.… Keep reading