Gates’s Predictions

As Mr. Gates addresses global issues, over time he necessarily becomes more in tune with major trends. While he has no crystal ball, here are some trends he sees in our future – many of which affect sustainable living.

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Bill Gates’s 7 predictions for our future

This article is published in collaboration with Business Insider

08 May 2017


Gates’ physical body might reside in the present, but his brain lives in the future.… Keep reading

Non-Zero-Sum Living

Non-Zero-Sum Living is the

only way to save life on Earth


Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D.


I recently took a class that linked philosophy with movies. Given my interests in sustainability, my term paper wove movies with sustainability.

Zero-Sum situations are those which – as they say in “The Highlander” – are epitomized by the phrase, “There can be only one.” A gain for one person means a simultaneous and equal loss for another, so the sum is zero.  Sporting venues, elections, product manufacturers, romantic pursuits, spelling bees – contests of any kind – all carry with them great intrigue. … Keep reading

Drinking Pollution

Here’s an eye-opener about how widespread the problem is with regard to simply being able to drink healthy water. Millions only drink from bottled water – some of which is safer than others.  But how about millions who don’t have the money to buy healthy drinking water?

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How Polluted Is Your Drinking Water?

Kate Harloe


July 26, 2017

Winfried Rothermel/ZUMA


More than 4 million Americans live in places where contaminants in drinking water exceed a legal limit—and poor, rural areas are often more affected than wealthy, urban and suburban ones.… Keep reading


I recently read an article from MIT’s Technology Review – a free online service providing information on many of the latest technologies that will be impacting our lives and our civilization – that compared parallels in how we tackled the Y2K problem, at the turn of the millennium, with the problem of climate change.

I don’t believe the parallel is a valid comparison.


  • Y2K was event focused;

  • Climate change is a life-style issue.

    Whenever we’re faced with a major disruptive or potentially catastrophic event – Y2K or a hurricane or a collapsed bridge or a ruptured water main – we focus our energy and technology and resources to address the problem.… Keep reading

    Reinventing Rice

    The biggest issue on the physical side of sustainability isn’t power – which is where virtually all the responses go when you Google “Sustainability.” We can just add PV panels until we’re Net Zero.  The problem is food.  And climate change makes feeding our world population more difficult.  Here’s an interesting report about efforts to address how we’ll feed the world.

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    Reinventing Rice for a World

    Transformed by Climate Change


    UC Davis plant geneticist Pamela Ronald wants to

    create rice varieties that can survive in harsher

    conditions, including more frequent droughts.

    Keep reading