Waste-Free Economy

Here’s an intriguing new perspective about a positive trend that’s already happening in many parts of our lives and will likely be spreading to more.

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How Netflix-ication Can Deliver

A Waste-Free Circular Economy


When products turn into services, the business

model isn’t about selling you the next widget.

It’s about longevity, repairability, and sustainability.


Ben Schiller

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For roughly 120 years, music lovers liked to own what they listened to.… Keep reading

Remaking Schools

I believe the higher our level of education, the better our potential quality-of-life. In education, as in many realms, waves of a “better approach” tend to come and go.  While my doctorate is in what’s known as “organization development,” it was housed in a college of education, so I had to take several courses in education to satisfy requirements.  I became familiar with schools such as Summerhill, Waldorf or Montessori, and systems such as “contract learning.”  It’s a long blog, but here’s some 21st century thinking.… Keep reading

Giving Up

Here’s a “big picture” perspective about the major trend in which we live. I’ll add comments afterwards about how this trend impacts sustainability.

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Have Americans Given Up?

A new book by Tyler Cowen argues that when it comes

to innovation and dynamism, the country is all talk.


Rick Wilking


Americans have fallen in love with the idea of their entrepreneurial spirit. Silicon Valley seems to have replaced New York City as the country’s metropolitan mascot of dynamism.… Keep reading

Electric Car Revolution

The trend towards driving electric cars is upwards, and has been for years. Now, it seems the marketplace is shifting from “start-up” status to “primary” status with more and more manufacturers creating e-car models.  Everyone I know who’s already bought one is truly happy they did so.  Without an engine, spark plugs, muffler, etc. the annual maintenance costs are far less.  Now, there’s a sales strategy that brings initial prices way down.

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The Electric Car Revolution Now Faces Its Biggest Test

Will people still buy them when the subsidies are gone?

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Homes Without Water

While it’s difficult to imagine going to the faucet and have no water come out, while it’s happened in drought-stricken California, it’s now happening in Michigan. Without water, what’s life like?  And what’s your home worth?

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What Is It Like to Live

Without Running Water?

Detroit Families Know


A recent study predicts that in the next five

years, more than one-third of Americans

will not be able to afford their water.

Zenobia Jeffries

Apr 11, 2017


Each day, Catherine Caldwell hauls three gallons of bottled water to her bathroom and two to her kitchen.… Keep reading