4 in 10 Fear Having Children

The problem with climate change is increasingly shifting from “something future generations will need to address” to what we’re going to do … now.  Imagine being a U.S. Senator, and wanting to enact some legislation you believe, with all your heart, will be extremely good for many, many people.

What are your chances of having that legislation enacted?

Your ideas might either be ignored or will stir debates and discussions in some committee.  But your chances for achieving the vision you cherish may be near zero.… Keep reading

Electric Car Breakthrough

For some time, I’ve encouraged people to change to e-car driving.  In addition to eliminating fossil fuel emissions, it’s far less expensive to own, drive, and maintain.  Just as solar panels – as they grew in use, became the least expensive way to generate electricity – electric cars are fast doing the same.  I’ve driven one for 8 years, and the claims are true.  Here’s one more “nail in the coffin” for gas guzzling, polluting cars.  I’ll add a new idea afterwards.… Keep reading

Bottled Water Ecosystem Impact

“Water is Destiny” is a recurring phrase in sustainability.  Without sufficient water, we can’t produce the food we need.  And our very bodies are made up mostly of water, such that dehydration leads to major ailments.  Recalling western movies in which ranchers often fought for water rights, we’re seeing the same situation between nations.  Here’s a report that takes the water shortage phenomenon to our personal scale.  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Environmental impact of bottled water ‘up to 3,500 times greater than tap water’


Researchers in Barcelona also found

impact of bottled water on ecosystems was

1,400 times higher than that of tap water


Joey Grostern

The Guardian

5 Aug 2021


The impact of bottled water on natural resources is 3,500 times higher than for tap water, scientists have found.… Keep reading

Eating for Sustainable Living

Well, NOAA reports that the CO2 level is now higher than it’s been in 800,000 years.  Certainly I can think of ways to reduce my contribution to that number.  But I feel as though my efforts might be analogous to the impact of a flea on an elephant’s behind.  However, as “Sustainable Living” includes both longevity and our quality-of-life experience, here’s a report about proven food habits we can all follow that will have a direct, measurable, and positive effect on our lives. … Keep reading

U.N. Climate Report

There are so many reports and announcements, from so wide a range of sources, that knowing what’s real can be confusing – especially as it involves predicting our likely future.  The U.N. assembled a large and diverse number of the world’s best scientists to do a collective assessment.  They just produced the “IPCC Report.”  Reuters, the employer of journalists around the world – from whom most of our new services get their news – just produced this summary.  I’ll add “What to do” comments afterwards.… Keep reading