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While mainstream media tends to focus more on electrical power and fossil fuel emissions, underneath it all, for us to sustain, we need to eat. And starvation is growing in increasing parts of the world.  The amount of land used for farming is shrinking, as are farmers’ livelihoods.  Then we add concerns about the health impacts of chemicals used for fertilizers, or the effect of genetically-modified seeds.  This discovery may have huge impact on our ability to provide healthful food for our population. … Keep reading

Even more reasons to go EV

We’ve had previous blogs about electric cars, and I don’t want to rehash what I’ve already posted. However, this recent article includes links to resources that can (1) cut the cost of buying an EV, (2) make recharging easier, and (3) slash car maintenance costs.  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Government incentives and charging stations are considerations for the climate-conscious consumer


Sarah Kaplan

The Washington Post

March 30, 2021


Here’s a fun fact:


The transportation sector is the biggest source

of planet-warming emissions in the United States.Keep reading


Here’s a brief research report concerning an aspect of global warming that’s rarely or never in the mainstream media.  As summer temperatures and annual temperatures continue to rise, we’re coming to a point at which our air conditioners can no longer handle the load. Even worse, how to we eat when crops fail, due to the intense heat?

In learning to live sustainably, we have to make forecasts about where we’ll have living conditions in which we can do more than “survive” but can actually enjoy a better quality-of-life experience.… Keep reading

CO2 Danger Levels

In these blogs I’ve tried to provide data that readers could implement, personally. Dealing with CO2 levels is a global issue – and one that may actually imperil life on our planet.  However, at a personal level, too high an amount of CO2 may lead to difficulty in breathing, and getting insufficient oxygen into our lungs.  Here’s the research data, then some suggestions about what you can do, personally, to improve your situation.

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Carbon Dioxide Emissions Near Level

Not Seen in 15 Million Years,

New Study Warns

Jessica Corbett

Common Dreams


Jul.… Keep reading

Solar-Powered Cars

Generically, a car is simply “personal transportation.” It enables us to go where we wish, when we wish, and … with multiple models available … in a style that’s most comfortable to us.  The problem:  most cars are powered by fossil fuels, which are destroying our ability to sustain life on Earth.  Clearly, a solar-powered car would give us the same transportation convenience without damaging our planet.  However …

Corporations that have made a living producing and selling gas-powered cars are not going to abandon what’s made them successful.… Keep reading