King Tides

You’ve likely read about sea level rise and its impact on coastal communities. As most of the world lives within 50 miles of a sea or ocean, its impact will be widespread.  Despite all the warnings, many are waiting until the rise actually arrives.  It’s now arrived.  Here’s an article about what are called “King Tides” which are now flooding coastal communities – even if no storm is coming.  As it comes from a newspaper, some examples are based on the day the article was posted. … Keep reading

Waste Not Want Not

Here’s a current report about growing food shortages. It centers on China.  But as China is the world’s largest nation, it affects us all.  Food shortages are growing in many other regions, as well.  And these are not “future projections by experts”;  it’s happening now.

The personal danger for those who’ve always enjoyed an ample food supply is to assume “It’ll never happen here.”  We’re used to stocking up when some major storm is coming, assuming the supermarket will restock afterwards. … Keep reading


The time leading to the coming election has become tense and uncomfortable for many people. The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, the protests of the Proud Boys and other armed groups, the high rates of unemployment, climate protests, and the divisiveness of the political campaigns combine to make our lives uneasy.

In addition, the U.S. is the most diverse nation on Earth. Our population comes from waves of immigration that have happened over a few hundred years.  My spouse and I enjoy hiking, and have been to all seven continents and scores of countries;  none are anywhere near as diverse as ours. … Keep reading

Greenland is Melting

The melting of glaciers – and accompanying sea level rise – may not seem like some major issue you need to address now … especially with all the concern about the Covid-19 pandemic and global economic recession. But something like 80% of Earth’s population lives within 50 miles of a sea.  Most our biggest cities are very near the sea.  And more and more cities are experiencing regular flooding, even without a major storm coming.  It’s no longer a problem “for some future generation.”  It’s here.  … Keep reading

Gas to Electricity

Here are two articles about the same subject, the transition from gas to electric vehicles. The first may come from Tesla, the second from a news source.  Their big picture is the same, from slightly different perspectives.

I’ll add comments and “what to do” suggestions afterwards.

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Elon Musk expected to use Tesla ‘Battery Day’ to argue for the end of combustion engines


By Tina Bellon

21 September 2020


(Reuters) – Tesla Inc TSLA.O CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday is scheduled to showcase the company’s advanced battery technology, with investors expecting he will outline how the company’s electric vehicles will surpass the cost and convenience of internal combustion engines.… Keep reading