Tiny Forests

My goal for doing these blogs is to raise awareness related to sustainability and “Sustainable Living.”  In addition, I like to include suggestions for actions that individuals can take to make a positive difference … rather than waiting for governments to act.  Here’s a new phenomenon that’s now springing up in several cities and countries, and that all of us can use.

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Can Tiny Forests Breathe

Fresh Air Into Our Cities?


Selma Franssen


May.… Keep reading

Sustainability & Fun

I see “Sustainable Living” as living 100% with what Earth provides, in physically sustainable ways – which I’m finding isn’t really all that difficult to do – and also maximizing our quality-of-life experience.  I stumbled on this article from The Guardian about how David Beckham is working with a company that takes great cars of yesteryear – cars with wonderful styling and upholstery – and changes them from gas to electric.

Years ago, I almost bought a cherry red ’55 T-Bird that had been converted to electric. … Keep reading

Supreme Court Climate Action

Everyone “talks the talk” about taking action to stop global warming and the destruction of our planet.  And some gains have been made, here and there.  But coordinated action on the parts of every major government has not happened, for any number of the usual reasons.  Here’s a legal action that may carry sufficient weight to force needed change.  I’ll add comments afterwards.

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‘A Win for the Planet!’:


Dutch Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling Mandating Climate Action


Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Common Dreams

December 20, 2019


The nonprofit that brought the case called it “a groundbreaking decision that confirms that individual governments must do their fair share to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Advocates for climate action celebrated Friday after the Supreme Court of the Netherlands upheld a landmark ruling that found the Dutch government is obligated under international human rights law to more ambitiously reduce greenhouse gas emissions that drive global heating.… Keep reading

E-Car Range Breakthrough

As e-cars grew in demand, manufacturers of gas cars needed some aspect to provide them an edge.  As e-cars cost far less to operate and are better environmentally, they lacked the recharge infrastructure.  The vast network of gas stations and the need for only a few minutes to refuel gave them an advantage.  So the gas car manufacturers used “range” as their advantage.

However, as it’s a lot less expensive to install a recharge station then it was to build gas stations, the e-car recharge network is growing rapidly. … Keep reading

Food and Water Wars

Here’s a recent report detailing the effect that climate change will have for the next generation. What I like is its implications for individual activities and not just the actions of politicians.  I think it’s safe to say that our political leaders, globally, have had plenty of time now to address this problem – which impacts life on Earth for all of us – and have failed to solve it.  I’ll add comments afterwards about things we can do to help solve this problem.… Keep reading