One of the sources I use to stay abreast of major trends shaping our world is MIT’s “Technology Review,” a free daily newsletter that reports new findings and plans in the world of technology. An increasing percentage of what they report concerns virtual reality – VR – and artificial intelligence – AI.  I was curious about how those technologies would impact us, as humans, as well as our relationship to the environment around us.

The findings aren’t pretty.

Here are some thoughts coming largely from “D”, an incredibly insightful non-physical entity that my wife has been channeling for almost ten years.… Keep reading

Great Streets

Our physical environments can contribute mightily to the joy of sustainable living. Here are some excerpts from Allan Jacobs’ “Great Streets” – paraphrased, as necessary – that you may find helpful in enhancing your immediate or urban environment.

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 Guidelines for Great Streets

They are where you meet people – which is the reason for communities. It’s to be part of something that’s larger than oneself.  The interplay of human activity with the physical space has an enormous amount to do with the greatness of the street.… Keep reading


Here’s a research report that lies at the heart of true “sustainable living.” It reflects the “in community” comments I’ve heard from many of the residents in our Garden Atriums Sustainable Community.

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The Neuroscience

of Compassion


Azriel ReShel

August 30th, 2017



Unlocking the Magic of Compassion

A recent flood near where I live put many people’s homes and businesses under three metres of water. The natural disaster left the community devastated, and left me scratching my head at the judgement that came from some people towards the victims of the flood.… Keep reading


When I began developing the Garden Atriums Sustainable Community, the dimensions (or aspects) of sustainability that I sought to address were all on the physical side of things … heating, cooling, power, water, air quality, etc. Then I had a “rude awakening”:  People who bought the houses didn’t buy because they were Net Zero in all those aspects.  They bought because they thought the homes were beautiful.

I kill myself to learn to create environments that are totally sustainable, and they buy because “they’re pretty”?… Keep reading


One of the most critical aspects on the physical side of sustainability is food. And without healthy soil, we’ll not have healthy food … much less sufficient food.  Here’s a report concerning our global soil condition – and … two invitations afterwards for blog readers.

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Third of Earth’s soil is acutely

degraded due to agriculture

Fertile soil is being lost at rate of 24bn tonnes a year through in-

tensive farming as demand for food increases, says UN-backed study


Jonathan Watts

12 September 2017

The Guardian


A third of the planet’s land is severely degraded and fertile soil is being lost at the rate of 24bn tonnes a year, according to a new United Nations-backed study that calls for a shift away from destructively intensive agriculture.… Keep reading