Air & Alzheimer’s

We’re all concerned about the quality of air we inhale, and we see more and more information published about the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease … as well as having the experience of helping someone we know who is inflicted. But until now I hadn’t expected to see this kind of direct correlation between the two.

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The surprising link

between air pollution

and Alzheimer’s disease


Melissa Healy

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LA Times


With environmental regulations expected to come under heavy fire from the Trump administration, new research offers powerful evidence of a link between air pollution and dementia risk.… Keep reading

Cup of Joe

Today, there are so many diets that often tell us that the foods and beverages we ingest are not healthy, that it’s gratifying to see some evidence that one of the things we do consume in quantity is actually healthier for us.

Here’s an unusual bit of research concerning the positive effects that coffee – and especially caffeinated coffee – have on us as we age.

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Cup of Joe Could Fight

Age-Related Inflammation


Live Science

January 16, 2017

Caffeine could counteract the inflammation

that comes with aging, a new study finds.Keep reading

Truth Be Told

Years ago, information that was created to support a point of view, but was presented as reliable information, was known as “propaganda.” And when we wanted to know what was really going on in the world, we’d watch the evening news from the primary networks. Most of us saw Walter Cronkite as a reliable source of what was real.

Recently, when a few executives from Fox resigned, explaining that some of the news they were reporting was fabricated, it shattered the illusion that the mainstream media were the true source of truth.… Keep reading

Clean Energy Jobs

Forgetting about political trends, once solar power became cheaper than coal – which has historically been the lowest cost form of power – the employment trends were established. The solar power industry already employs more than the coal industry, and the gap will continue to grow.  The trend is also helpful for the environment, and healthful for our lungs.  From a pure economic perspective, latching onto a growth industry, rather than trying to prop up a declining industry, also makes the most sense.… Keep reading

Your Aging Brain

As sustainable living necessarily includes health and vitality, here’s a recent piece of research that provides a path to longer term high performance of our brain. The “treatment” is simple enough: just the right diet.

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Less Shrinkage:

This Is Your Aging Brain

on the Mediterranean Diet


January 4, 2017

LA Times


The aging brain is a shrinking brain, and a shrinking brain is, generally speaking, a brain whose performance and reaction time are declining: That is a harsh reality of growing older.… Keep reading