An Electric Future

By now, the effect of burning fossil fuels is quite clear. What many don’t seem to understand is:


We can enjoy a better quality-of-life experience

and for less money, when we make

the switch to electric.


Here’s an announcement from the world’s biggest car manufacturer, Volkswagen, about both new electric models and about a major investment in battery production, which will drop the cost of their e-cars even more.  Other car manufacturers are doing the same – expanding their range of body types as they cut costs.… Keep reading

Beyond the “Age of Enlightenment”

Recently, I was troubled at the amount of hate speech that seems to be growing in many places around the world. Most of it is anonymous, coming from social media sources – just as the KKK wore hoods to hide identities.

And many political leaders, such as Mr. Trump, seem to stir the pot. I once heard a definition of political leadership as:


“Find out where everyone wants to go,

then jump out in front and yell ‘This

way!’ That’s how you win votes.Keep reading

Proximity to Nature

There’s so much “gloom & doom” in the media, with increased trends in mass shootings, in rainforest fires, in climate-related disasters, etc. that it’s refreshing to see a research report that looks at the positive side of “sustainable living” … which means living 100% with what Earth brings to your home site – which, technically, isn’t actually all that difficult – and it also means enjoying a better quality-of-life experience.  Here’s some relevant research for living a happier life.

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The Closer You Live To Nature The Happier You’ll Be, Study Finds


2 September 2019

Applied Geography

John Anderer


LONDON — If you’re on the lookout for a new apartment or home in a big city, try and find a place near a park or nature reserve.… Keep reading

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

You’ve likely heard all sorts of advocacies about how we need to reduce our carbon footprint. But … we also want to live as comfortable a life as we can.  Here’s a report that provides specific things we can do – without lowering our quality-of-life experience.  Examples are UK-based, I added bold inflections, and I’ll add comments afterwards.

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The practical ways to reduce your carbon footprint (that actually work)


Want to know how to reduce your carbon footprint?Keep reading

Waste World

When I was a kid, when my shoes wore out, we took them to a shoe repair shop for new heels or soles, because the leather part of the shoe was still in good condition. Then … along came Hush Puppies!  They were a lot cheaper, and when they wore out, we’d just throw them away.  As a kid, I never thought about big picture concepts such as “the disposable economy.”  Neither did my parents.  In fact, I’m not sure how many of us today think about the implications of the concept. … Keep reading