Solar for Home & Car

The trend towards all-electric cars has been growing steadily – even to a smaller degree in the U.S.  Northern European countries now report that 50% of all new car sales are electric.  However, fossil fuel emissions from transportation and from electricity each contribute nearly 30% of the carbon dioxide emissions.  So … why not create a solar installation on a home that will take care of the power needs of both home and car?

That’s the vision Elon Mask shared a few years ago.… Keep reading


Here’s a research report – from a British paper, no less – about the loss of trees in U.S. cities, and the negative impacts that loss is having. Suggestions follow.

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US cities losing 36 million trees a year, researchers find

Scientists warn of environmental threats rising from trend

that is ‘likely to continue unless policies are altered’


Naomi Larsson


The Guardian

10 May 2018


Cities in the United States are increasingly seeing concrete in place of greenery as urban areas lose an estimated 36m trees annually, according to a study from the Forest Service.… Keep reading


Here’s a unique look at a major “quality-of-life” factor … certainly one key aspect of “sustainable living” that separates “survival” from “sustainability.” I’ll add comments afterwards.

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Americans Are A Lonely Lot, And Young People Bear The Heaviest Burden

Rhitu Chatterjee
May 1, 2018

Loneliness is on the rise in the U.S., particularly among younger people, such as members of Generation Z, born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s, and millennials, just a little bit older.… Keep reading

Younger blood vessels

Here’s a simple, practical system for improving the physical aspect of our quality-of-life experience … a kind of prerequisite to “sustainable living.”

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Novel antioxidant makes old

blood vessels seem young again


Science News

from research organizations

 April 19, 2018

University of Colorado at Boulder



 Older adults who take a novel antioxidant

that specifically targets cellular powerhouses,

or mitochondria, see age-related vascular

changes reverse by the equivalent of 15 to

20 years within six weeks, according to

new University of Colorado Boulder research.Keep reading

Smartphones & Energy

Here’s an article about a way to save money – at a personal scale – while helping our planet … at a macro scale.

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Smartphones Are Killing The Planet

Faster Than Anyone


 Researchers are sounding the alarm after an analysis

showed that buying a new smartphone consumes as much

energy as using an existing phone for an entire decade.


By Mark Wilson




Before you upgrade your next iPhone, you may want to consider a $29 battery instead.… Keep reading