Air Pollution & Diabetes

On an individual basis, there’s not much we can do about outdoor air quality, other than drive an electric car and plant more trees and shrubs around our home. But we do spend roughly half of our life within our home.  And we can do something about air quality inside our homes.  First, some research exposing the link between air quality and diabetes.  Then, after the research report, some specific suggestions.

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Air pollution plays

significant role in

diabetes: study


June 30, 2018


Paris (AFP) – Air pollution caused one in seven new cases of diabetes in 2016, according to a US study, which found even low levels raised the chances of developing the chronic disease.… Keep reading

Brain-Damaging Pesticide

Many home-owners use one or more pesticides to achieve the desired outcome for their lawns or their gardens. While pesticides and herbicides can save a lot of human energy required for getting rid of undesirable critters and undesirable plants, it turns out that some of these pesticides have seriously harmful consequences.

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Hawaii becomes the first state

to ban the use of pesticide

linked to brain damage


Scott Pruitt’s EPA has gone to elaborate lengths

to protect the manufacturers of chlorpyrifos,

which is harmful to children and farm workers.

Keep reading

IQ & Environment

Here’s an interesting piece of research about the impact of environmental factors on intelligence. We know, for example, the thirty percent of children age ten or younger, living in U.S cities, have respiratory problems.  The air quality, such as lower oxygen levels from fossil fuel burning, is insufficient for their young systems to grow as they should.  Comments afterwards.

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IQ Scores Are Declining And The Environment Is To Blame, New Study Finds


June 13, 2018



(CNN) — IQ scores have been steadily falling for the past few decades, and environmental factors are to blame, a new study says.… Keep reading

Global Warming Urgency

Here’s a solid piece of research about what’s beginning to be seen as just another “same ole problem that we’ve been hearing about forever, but that hasn’t stopped me from living well.” For me, it’s a bit like being warned that our boat is heading for a waterfalls that we can’t yet see.  So we act a bit like MAD’s Alfred E. Neuman … “What? Me Worry?”  But by the time we do see the actual waterfalls, it’s then too late to do anything about it.… Keep reading


We’re living in a time of great change. And when change occurs, the products and services that will be fading out don’t give up the ship.  When photovoltaic power became cheaper than coal a couple of years ago, it was a clear sign that coal, like buggy whips, would be fading from use.  Despite Trump’s efforts to bolster the coal industry, utilities are continuing to shut down coal-fired power plants.  Last year, Scotland closed its last one.

One of the arguments the fading energy source industries has been posing is that renewables fluctuate too much, thus inhibiting having a steady and stable power grid.… Keep reading