Sustainability & Quality-of-Life Experiemce

In developing a Net Zero sustainable community, I discovered that the physical side of sustainability is more easily achieved than the non-physical side … our quality-of-life experience. Here’s an article that focuses on two growing approaches that enhance quality-of-life experience … then a quote from a second article that merits some contemplation.

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The growth of yoga and meditation in the US since 2012 is remarkable


The number of Americans who meditate

has tripled. 

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Future Visions

Here’s a change-of-pace blog that explores many likely changes that appear to be in store for us. We’re usually so preoccupied with our daily responsibilities that we don’t often sit back and ask where we’re heading … not in a year or two but in ten or twenty or fifty years.  I’m including this item as a sustainability blog purely to stretch our vision … and within which to prompt each of us to think about what we might do in response.… Keep reading

Air Pollution & Asthma

Several years ago, when we were doing market research for some clients, we came across a statistic that said that something like thirty percent of children in a city, age ten or younger, had some form of respiratory disease, as the air quality was insufficient for their lungs to develop properly. It seems as though we haven’t addressed this problem sufficiently.  Here’s the data, then some suggestions.

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Air pollution causes up to 33 million ER visits for asthma annually

 New study is the first to look at the global

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Here’s an interesting perspective about what’s needed to stop the dire consequences of global warming. As we’re already feeling the effects of increased frequency and severity of storms, it’s safe to say that global warming is no longer just a theoretical model to be debated.  However, I do have a few comments afterwards.

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Shell boss says mass reforestation needed to limit temperature rises to 1.5C


Adam Vaughan

The Guardian

9 Oct 2018


The boss of Shell has said a huge tree-planting

project the size of the Amazon rainforest

would be needed to meet a tougher global

warming target, as he argued more renew-

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Social Media Impacts

One of the major changes in our lives has been the widespread use of social media. Some hail it as a sign of low-cost global communication freedom. Some are concerned about what the positive and negative impacts might be. Here’s one study focused on the impact of social media on teenagers.

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Devices dominate teenagers’ social lives


Kim Hart

Common Sense Media

September 19, 2018Save

[Reproduced from “Social media, social life,”

Rideout, V., and Robb, M.… Keep reading