Beyond the “Age of Enlightenment”

Recently, I was troubled at the amount of hate speech that seems to be growing in many places around the world. Most of it is anonymous, coming from social media sources – just as the KKK wore hoods to hide identities.

And many political leaders, such as Mr. Trump, seem to stir the pot. I once heard a definition of political leadership as:


“Find out where everyone wants to go,

then jump out in front and yell ‘This

way!’ That’s how you win votes.


So I began wondering, “Why is all this anger surfacing now?”

As you may know, my wife has been clairaudient for about 11 years, so I have the privilege of asking the entity she channels, whom I address as “D”, to explain why all this is happening. D usually provides wonderfully clear explanations, often with a perspective I hadn’t considered.  So, while most of my blogs are research reports, I thought D’s response – which is perfectly in tune with “sustainable living” – might be perfect for a blog.


“We are in a time where those of the old thinking are feeling disenfranchised and alone. The Internet has provided a way for those who feel alone to connect with others who are like-minded.  Some of this is wonderful.  Yet, some of it is deeply disturbing. 

“As most of you know, when you go on YouTube, for instance, it will show you another five videos that are similar to the one you have seen. If an individual has been looking at a dark and angry video, they can easily find more, to fuel their fury. 

“It is frightening how individuals with anger can get more and more angry, easily, by watching anger. So, they get fueled in ways that are unhealthy. 

“If we step back a moment and look at our history … 

“The ‘Age of Enlightenment’ thinking is that man is the highest creature on Earth, and man can do no wrong. Man can take from Earth and take, and take, and take … for their own benefit.  At that time in history, man also dominated woman, and whites dominated non-whites.

“That thinking is in direct contrast to believing that humans are part of a greater ecosystem that needs to stay in balance.  And much of the hate and anger is in reaction to those who want balance, those who accept all as equal, those who see females as equal to males, those who have no gender identification as equal, or those who have difference colored faces as equal. 

“And this new way of thinking: that humans are only one species that live on the planet, and that other creatures, rivers, mountains, and plains all need to have an equal voice. It is important to understand that some are willing to sacrifice Earth while others are choosing to protect it. 

“The tension between these two perspectives is growing. And the two groups are growing further and further apart. 

“When one is not feeling strong about oneself, what an individual often does to feel stronger is to blame others for their lot in life.


“What we see is low self-esteem; 

what the world may see is a bully.”


“These bullies do not feel that any others deserve respect – be it a different religion, a different skin color, a different language, a different gender … or any other difference they choose to bring up.  And then, what is common is to make up stories about how horrible the others are, to try to justify their hatred. 

“The way out? 

“Somewhere in all this we need to find compassion – though that is being very simplistic.  It’s near impossible to connect with those with extreme hatred, such as those who do mass shooting, and still feel compassion. 

“The only thing anyone can control is oneself. The goal would be for each person to find joy in each day, to be comfortable with who they are, and to live the most fulfilling life they can.  When that happens, anger dissipates.

“It may be difficult, but it would be healthy to send prayers or energy or love to those holding so much pain and anger. Select a person or group that has so much anger, and say to yourself – or aloud if you wish – that they are truly loved by the universe. 

“It is also important for you to find your own joy.”

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